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    Motor Mount

    I have a mod 1 capri 14.2 (the earliest version), not quit sure which yours is or if there is any difference in the transom. I cut 2 pieces of 3/8 inch plywood to dimensions a few inches exceeding the motor mount and glued them on. The mount then slips over the wood (albeit barely) and then I...
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    Thinking about buying

    A good choice IMHO As a novice, I have found the Capri 14.2 to be very easy to trailer, rig, and sail singlehandedly. I agree with the 9-10 knots of breeze, but in my experience, with a couple of crewmembers onboard using the hiking straps, the boat can speed along quite nicely in higher winds...
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    Another great use for a Capri14.2 during the holidays!

    I used a Coleman Powermate generator and Honda 2hp trolling motor to participate in our lake's annual holiday boat parade. The lights hoisted easily up the mast. It made the lowboy motor boat displays pale in comparison!
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    Hello to Fleet 16 Members

    I would like any info on Fleet 16 members and any meetings/ races that I might be able to attend. Thank you, John Parker