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    Tis the time of year to get sailing off the brain, and enter the workshop...and time to clean the boat up and put it away. As I do this...I wonder if anyone does anything special to winterize their boat. I store outside under a tarp...bring the sails, centerboard, tiller, mast, and rigging...
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    Sailing a Capri in the Red Sea - Egypt!!

    I beach my 14.2 all the time.
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    Dude Sailing in Viagra Commercial

    and have just noticed that in the scene that bothers me, the boat is being tugged, which explains it...I paused it.
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    End of the Season

    It's sad might have been my last sail. Atleast I got my two little girls out on the water today for the first time, I think they enjoyed it too. Here's to a bonus weekend of good weather sometime soon!
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    Dude Sailing in Viagra Commercial

    I've looked for one but couldn't find it. Just watch the world series...I've seen it a few more times now, every time during the series.
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    Dude Sailing in Viagra Commercial

    Anyone seen this commercial? It really bothers me, because near the end, it looks like his jib is getting a back push into the mast, like its set on the wrong side. Perhaps its just my eyes...
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    Roller furler problem

    This is how mine works. I have had the line roll all the way into the drum when unfurling careful that the string (jib halyard?) is long enough so that you can furl your jib quickly.
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    Capri Classic Regatta

    And where is westlake?
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    Fraying Lines

    Thanks for the tips...I did a whipping and am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Hopefully it will last...but if it doesn't I will try your methods.
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    Fraying Lines

    I will give this a try...
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    Fraying Lines

    Anyone ever tried shrink wrap over the end of their lines to keep them from fraying? Any other suggestions?
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    Floor Strength

    I'm pretty sure you will be ok. The owners manual even states...make sure the trailer is still hitched to the vehicle when you get in the boat to step the mast, as weight in the stern may cause the trailer to lift.
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    main sheet and other rigging

    check that....the tensile strenght of the rope is 240
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    main sheet and other rigging

    Is a polythread that has a tensile strength of 130lbs enough for main sheet replacement and the other lines?