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    repair of large cracks in sunfish deck

    You need to get both sides of that repair. There is a way to do it w/out inspection port (i've done it but not easy), but I would cut one for ease and better fix. These boats don't have that much stress on them to worry about another inspection port.
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    Straightening a spar

    I put mine between 2 seat posts on my deck and bent it back. All good. Two trees, a "V" in a tree, etc.
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    To shim or not to shim?

    "by happenstance"! I need to use that word more. All seems beaver-liscious, but don't they lock the mast in the tube?
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    repair of large cracks in sunfish deck

    That'll do. If it was me, I probably would add glass to the top (beveled) as well for best strength (why not?).
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    Gel Coat Restore

    You must have used clear or translucent gelcoat? I've never used that, I use white and tint with yellow, that way its opaque. I have used polyester resin (semi clear) and tinted when I needed a translucent color like you seem to have. Or, you just have it on thin and need another coat. If...
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    Paint touch up?

    Easyoff will remove them, but if its on a second too long, your gel turns to well, gel. Done that. I vote for sanding or even buffing with hi cut compound after the stickum is off. If you need to sand, then buff the whole side.
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    Gel Coat Restore

    I think all of the stuff Midas Man says is true (great education!), but this is a problem with the formulation of the Gel Coat mixed by Evercoat. They are trying to figure out what batch numbers are good and bad, they may know now. 11 drops in 1 oz is fine and 24 is fine with 2 oz (typically)...
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    Gel Coat Restore

    Super. Interestingly enough I'm doing the same things. I was Gel Coating last week with West Marine brand (made by Evercoat) and it was bad. I went thru lots of calls and three cans of the stuff to find a date code that wasn't. At lunch today I was able to get a coat on with no trouble. The...
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    Gel Coat Restore

    Very nice. Thanks for posting pics. ( Reminds me I'm glad I live in a state that doesn't requires numbers that are almost as big as the boat) :eek:
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    Basic Maintenance Questions

    I'm new to sunfish as well but have many other boats. Gelcoat can be waxed with a buffer, but not needed. There are waxes that apply much more easily than that. But, I would use a buffer and some cutting compound to remove oxidation and bring back the color/shine, if thats what you're looking...
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    Alum rail bumper replacement

    I think the pricing has a lot to do with how much it costs to make and how little demand there is. I've been looking for stuff for another project and it's virtually impossible to find in less than 100' rolls. It's all plastic now. Nothing beats that old shiny alum or chrome trim on a...
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    Boom blocks: need to swivel?

    Hi all, New to Sunfish, had a Sailfish back in the 70's (wood) and am back restoring a Sunfish for my mom and niece (and me). I sail a Hobie 18 at the moment. Anyway, is there a benefit to have the boom blocks swivel? Mine are trashed and in need of replacement and I have some nice Harken...
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    Bailer installation...doesn't look right

    Did you get the right one? I see there are a couple different lengths for age of boat.