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    Any suggestions for upgrades to my 72 sunfish?

    Probably the same reason that you drive on a paticular side of the road or have your shirt buttons on the right.
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    Any suggestions for upgrades to my 72 sunfish?

    Looks great. Too late now but there is a trick where you use a cable tie to compress the spring during installation. Next time.
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    Glamor Shot

    Looking good. Those foils are tasty!
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    Kind of, yes. A gps running watch is a 100% waterproof thing that does the same job.
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    New style daggerboard repair

    Nice! I got my new one in the post this week and managed to chip the end of it on the first sail. Going to bookmark this thread :^)
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Mine is from a bicycle seat post and as far as I can remember has little or no protruding bolt. If it did have I would cut it off.
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    Power Washer damage

    Power washers are bad news for bikes, cars and now it seems boats. Charlie, that blue boat is a beauty. I love the rudder.
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    Vintage Old 1970's AMF Equipment We Make Weekends Commercial

    I love that the animator managed to get two tacks in.
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    Best kind of cockpit trim?

    Interesting. I do have a habit of hiking with my feet under the lip of the cockpit rather than the hiking strap. I find this more comfortable when it is not windy enough for a full hike. So perhaps keeping that bit of extra strength on the overhang might be a good thing for me
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    Best kind of cockpit trim?

    I tried it! ...Unfortunately neither Craigslist nor Sunfish ever really caught on over here :^( The other source you mentioned isn't willing to ship outside the US. Thanks for all the advice guys. lots to think about. I am going to do a bit of experimental trim-bending with the old stuff I am...
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    Best kind of cockpit trim?

    Thanks for all the suggestions! It might not be practical to ship a pre-formed cockpit-shaped hoop of trim as it would be a pretty large and delicate parcel. I am going to see what Alan thinks (That is, if he has any) Otherwise packing the trim before bending sounds like good tip and I can...
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    Best kind of cockpit trim?

    I was wondering about that too. But at least with the bow you have room to work. I can't figure out where the 'working end' of trim goes before/as I bend it to the cockpit edge as the walls of the cockpit are only a few inches away. Unless I make a form with a similar radius to the cockpit...
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    Best kind of cockpit trim?

    Thanks for all the advice. Light & Variable winds, I am heavier than you! 1lb heavier to be precise. That is a very good point. Perhaps I should stick with Ally trim. (I am considering replacing all the hull trim too as it is generally falling to bits) I guess, if I am honest, that I was...
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    Best kind of cockpit trim?

    Hello. I hope you are all well. I am starting to get my boat ready for the season and one job is to replace the cockpit trim. My boat is old and had the aluminium kind, but I am thinking of replacing it with the new plastic kind ...although I have never seen a boat with it on. Do people have...
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    I put my fish up for the winter :-(

    Our last sailing day is this sundays "Christmas pudding pursuit race" but it is currently forecast to be force 9/10 so I might give it a miss.