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    C14.2 Mod 1 For Sale

    Sold! Thanks Craig.
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    C14.2 Mod 1 For Sale

    1989 Model 1 Great Condition $2200.00 Completely re-fitted. New standing rigging, new running rigging, like-new sails. New Boomkicker. Trailer has new wheels and tires, new wiring, new lights, new winch and strap, new coupling. Located in Dayton, Ohio Email for photos and...
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    light bulb for trailer

    I think new wiring and lights is always a good idea on an older trailer. I know whenever I go to pick up a trailer or boat or both that I am unsure about, I always take along a set of lights, a wiring harness, and a boatload(no pun was intentional) of zip ties. That way I...
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    Sailing Venues - SW Ohio / E Indiana

    Just off the top of my head...around here there is Cowan Lake, Ceasar Creek, Acton Lake in Huston Woods, Brookville Lake, Grand Lake St. Marys, William Harsha name a few. When I registered my boat, I got a guide to Ohio's Public Boating Facilites. It seems to have just about every...
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    You should try Cowan Lake. It's a fairly small lake. But, they have a 10hp limit on motorboats. So you don't have to worry about getting run down by a Checkmate going 60mph. I'm going to get out on Ceasars Creek once I get up the nerve. For now, I'm sticking to Cowan. Brookeville, as I...
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    Donbohio, I'm still of a mind that 28lb is NOT enough to adequately control the boat. It takes forever to get moving enough so that you have enough steerage to maneuver. My trolling motor is a 36lb, and I'm not happy with it. And if you forget to drop the centerboard...Forget it!! It's...
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    jib coming off line.

    Do they make a boom furling system for a C14.2 main sail?
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    jib coming off line.

    The CFO has already signed off on roller furling. It's amazing what she'll agree to if it makes HER life easier.:D
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    jib coming off line.

    I second Ed's motion to have the hanks replaced with clips! Mine stay clipped when the jib is raised. But, lower the dang thing, and you have to crawl out onto the bow and hook them back onto the forestay...every time!!
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    Hull Polishing

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can polish my transom back to the shine the rest of my hull has. I tried rubbing compound with an orbittal polisher yesterday. It helped, but it's going to take a lot of applications at this rate. The rest of the hull is in great shape, but the...
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    2-piece Jib Halyard

    Well, the mystery is solved....finally. I Finally got around to measuring the new halyards for my jib. Sailnet made the jib halyard 15'-0" long. That would explain why I didn't have any take-up in the two-piece system. Sailnet was goodly enough to pay for the return shipping, correct the...
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    I second that...I did the same thing in a very light breeze and ended up almost hitting a couple of docked boats. ALWAYS have the centerboard at least partially down when motoring.
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    I would have to take exception to the 36lb thrust trolling motor being adequate. I was out Saturday in light, shifty winds. I have a 35lb trolling motor as well. We got in a little too close to some boats at the docks, and the little trolling motor just didn't have enough guts to get us...
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    Lost drain plug

    Just FYI... When you order a new drainplug from Catalina, you get the plug as well as the mounting plate that attaches to the hull. The new plugs are blck instead of the white that you probably have. It's VERY easy to replace the entire assembly so that all the parts match. Just make sure...
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    Mast side to side play

    This topic begs a question of me.... When I stepped my mast this weekend, I had to move the pins in the shroud chainplates(?) to the extreme ends before I could get my forestay to reach. My rig is not "bar tight" but it's dang close. Maybe 3" of side-to-side movement at the tip of the mast...