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    Damaged Plastic bags inside the hull

    Plisska, Can you post some photos?
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    Turtle Soup - Attention all Novices

    Always good to see that it end good for you. Thanks for the article and for sharing your point of view of your mistake. Good reading.
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    Sailing a Capri in the Red Sea - Egypt!!

    As kdub said previously, capsizing is a reality. I always secure all my bags, coolers etc I carry on. Where I sail, I have only 3 meters depth, so if I'm not quick enough in recovering the boat, the mast will stuck in the mud. Not funny, as i need then to rotate the boat so the current help...
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    Sailing Videos Capri

    downhillsailor, Thanks for your comments. I will try to make some video with waves, so you can see how the Capri handle them. Patrick
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    GPS Speedometer

    Ed, I´m using a Garmin GPS Handheld, give you maps, speeds, bearing etc, and it's waterproof. I really like it, mine is an older version but the new ones are USB compatible to downloads your trips. I will not buy an expensive speedometer, a GPS give me more. Patrick
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    Sailing Videos Capri

    When some of you are thinking in storing your boat for winter, I'm enjoying good weather to take my boat on the lake. I'm lucky, I know. I just buy a GoPro camera and take it out for the first time last week end. I went with a colleague (second time on the boat), my son and his friend. I made...
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    Not a good day.... Now I need help

    Well, yesterday was not a good day! For the first time since I have my boat (remember that I restore an abandoned Capri 14.2 see post the wind was a sustain 12 -15 knts from SE, and also some waves, so I was exiting. It was the first time...
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    Jib cover

    Peter, If you have a good jib sock material, who can block the UV and let the jib to breath without any condensation / humidity, there is no problem at all. Another advantage is that you are sailing in fresh water, that help also. I'm sailing in the Mexican gulf, and salt is a problem if you...
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    Jib cover

    Peter, I never leave my sails outside. i always store them in a dry place. Humidity and UV destroy the sails slowly. I recommend you to take the 10 min in raising down and store your sails in a dry space. If you sail on salt water, don't forget to wash them with clean water and let them dry...
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    Installing a ladder?

    Thanks Greg, A really beautiful work. I will sure do the same installation when a have time to do it. Patrick
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    Installing a ladder?

    Greg, that sound a nice work. Can you post a foto of the Beckson red storage bag installation, please. Tanks.
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    Installing a ladder?

    Greg, that sound a nice work. Can you post a foto of the Beckson red storage bag instalation, please. Tanks.
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    Is there a way to report violators?

    I found this, I don´t know if it work: I agree with you that we don´t need woman shoes publicity on our forum. Patrick
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    Damaged Plastic bags inside the hull

    Today I decide to give a look on those plastic bags inside the hull to see if there was in good shape. Surprise :mad: 5 of 10 had some holes, some small ones, but 2 bags where very damaged. That means that my boat was nos unsinkable. So, if you never check them, I think it's a good idea to give...
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    This was a phenomenal day!!!

    Sorry for the confusion, I will make the conversion the next time I wrote about speed. As Promise, here are some photos of my restored Capri. The photos where taken on a very calm day, 4 knots of winds max.