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    Where to sail in SoCal?

    Thanks Mr. Redneck! Now I'm curious about the dangers of Long Beach and the Salton Sea... any tales you salts want to share? "Here there be monsters." Found this thread on Salton from Blech! Looks like the lakes between Riverside and Temecula could be promising. Elsinore, Diamond...
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    Where to sail in SoCal?

    Hi folks, I'm the proud owner of a '73 Sunfish, living in southern California. I've taken it out in the safety of the Naples/Belmont Shore bay four times now, and am wondering where else there is to sail a small boat around here. Do you folks take to lakes? Out on the open waters of the...
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    Daggerboard retainer shockcord: How taut?

    Hi all, I bought 10’ of 1/2” shockcord to retain the daggerboard but I’m not sure what to do with it, other than attach to the top front of the daggerboard with an eye strap. I’ve seen examples of a single line to the mast, double line to mast, and double line to the handle at the prow. Some...
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    Rigging the Halyard

    Hi all, Here's collected wisdom on the halyard from these forums, hopefully helpful to new folks like me. Perhaps it could live on in the Knowledge Base? Feel free to edit/correct. Enjoy! -Jack. Diameter Standard is 3/16” = 5mm. Length Standard is 25 feet. An extra 3-5 feet is recommended...
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    Daggerboard direction

    Looks like I have a shadow board as well. This is 40 1/2 inches long. Can someone confirm? Perhaps state the length of the rounded board?
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    2019 Sunfish vs older ones?

    Color is important! I bought a 1973 Sunfish with a blues and pink sail (like yours? See my avatar pic here) two weeks ago (my first), and at the time there was a 1974 with a red white and blue sail available from another seller for slightly cheaper. But, the family preferred the pretty one. =)...
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    in irons

    Hey all, as a newbie myself I just wanted to affirm the original poster, and thank everyone for the advice in their own words.
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    Hello! Halyard, Mast, and Literature Recommendations, please

    Alright, I went with West Coast Sailing for the replacement lines: 5mm Sirius 500 Line (Color: Black) 60563 30 $0.38 USD $11.40 USD 8mm Orion 500 Line (Color: Blue) 60549 30 $0.64 USD $19.20 USD Hobie 1/4 inch Shockcord (Black) 23049 10 $0.35 USD $3.50 USD Harken...
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    Hello! Halyard, Mast, and Literature Recommendations, please

    Thanks for the warm welcome, and all the tips! 1. Replacement Lines I definitely need a new halyard. I tried to show in the picture, but there’s parts without core and parts without sheathing. We were all praying it would hold in one piece for our maiden voyage! The hose clamp’s placement...
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    Hello! Halyard, Mast, and Literature Recommendations, please

    Hi all, With kids at 3 and 8 years old, and a love for sailing that's been dormant since a community college course in high school, and most recently taking a private lesson at Leeward Sailing Center in Long Beach, CA with a friend, we decided to nab a "ready to sail" 1973 Sunfish last weekend...