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    ISCA & USSCA website(s) marked as malware sites

    The class is aware of the issue and working to resolve it. In the meantime, if you want to join the class, you should email sunfishoff "at" Terry Beadle should be able to help you.
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    New Class Legal Standard Sail

    Auction ends tomorrow. Don't let the opportunity pass you by!
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    New Class Legal Standard Sail

    I am selling a brand new North Standard Sail. It has NEVER been used or even put on a mast and boom. I am not sailing the boat anymore and therefore do not have a need for the sail. Rather than buying your next new sail from a retailer, take advantage of this opportunity to buy it at a...
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    Used Laser Sail

    Auction ends tomorrow.
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    Used Laser Sail

    Used laser sail on eBay.
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    Rudder, Tiller and Parts for Sale

    1) Early style wooden flip up rudder, tiller and extension. This is one of the original Sunfish Rudders, NOT the spring loaded kind. As opposed to the modern rudder gudgeon, this setup attaches to the boat with a pin and snaps in place at the bottom. I believe this style rudder, tiller and...
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    Standard Sails for Sale

    1 sail has been sold.
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    Silva 73R Compass Complete

    More pictures...
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    Silva 73R Compass Complete

    It is still available. I am selling the compass because I only used it two or three days since I bought it a couple of years ago. In the couple of instances I tried it in our local fleet races I found myself getting overly fixated on the compass. This kept my head in the boat and caused...
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    Velocitek Speedpuck

    Velocitek Speedpuck - new in box I had great plans for using this, bought it and never took it out of the box to use. My loss is your gain!
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    Standard Sails for Sale

    I have two North class approved standard sails for sale. The sails were only used for weekly club races in CT - 2 seasons each. Both sails have numbers. Battens and sail bags are not included. $125 ea.
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    Silva 73R Compass Complete

    Silva 73R Compass with Rooster mounting bracket. Local pickup or buyer pays shipping.
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    2010 Laser Performance Sunfish

    Are you claiming the board generates more lift than your older version of the racing daggerboard with the hole for a handle? How did you reach this conclusion? Are you doing two boat testing?
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    Odie Rig re visited

    I am not totally clear on how you rig either version of the Odie Rig. Are you rotating the gooseneck and rigging the sail on the opposite side of the mast. This puts the mast on the left (disturbing air on starboard), and then running the halyard down the right side of the sail (disturbs air...
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    Fall SANJL Regattas

    The 2010 SANJL Season concluded on Saturday in beautiful Green Pond, NJ. A cool north-northwest breeze provided challenging velocity and direction shifts for the 31 competitors. Steve Manson of Rockaway, NJ continued the consistent form he displayed all season and won the regatta with scores...