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    Sail down, boom up?

    Boat Cover Delema I just saw your note and am on my out the door but thought I'd drop a quick reply. I needed a sail cover for my 14.2 so I didn't have to store the mainsail. The place I found a very high quality canvas cover was Masthead. Here is the web site. They may have boat covers as...
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    Need Info On Rigging Just Bought The Boat

    Rigging Questions JennyD, Send me an email and I can reply with a good close up of my 14.2's set up. Also, you should consider contacting Catalina and request an owner's manual which shows the details of the running rigging at the boom, etc. Dean
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    Stains on Hull

    Stains on Hull - Resolved Thanks to Ed Jones, I found the Soft Scrub to work VERY well. I just spray it on, wait a few moments and it all wipes off to a clean hull. Wow, what a product. Thanks for all the ideas and input. It's headed for 71 degrees here in Virginia this weekend and...
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    Stains on Hull

    Roger, Thanks for the reply. As soon as the snow emergency has passed here on the east coast, I'll stop in to the West Marine and give this gel a try. Dean
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    Stains on Hull

    I sail on a fresh water inland lake. My 14.2 sits most of the week until the weekends when she's out helping me enjoy the water and the wind. My problem is that the water in the lake (it's fed by 2 fresh streams) has stained the hull and I can't find anything strong enough to get back the...
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    Mast Wanted

    Need a Mast? See the posting above yours by etrombley. You may be able to work a deal just for the extra mast they have for sail. It's a thought. DTB
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    Battery For Trolling Motors

    Elect Motor Pwr Supply I just checked the site and found it VERY hard to locate the power supply I had mentioned in a previous post. I was able to locate it through a keyword search for Power supply but here is the exact url in case anyone is still interested in a DC power...
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    Easy Furl Mainsail Cover & Mast Fly

    Sail Cover I am going to try to attach a picture of the sail cover I received from Masthead. I am sure you'll not be disappointed. Dean
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    Easy Furl Mainsail Cover & Mast Fly

    Sailcover If you're looking for a good quality mainsail cover for a reasonable price, check out the folks at Masthead: I was able to call and ask questions prior to ordering as well. They are most helpful and provide a...
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    Battery For Trolling Motors

    Battery Thoughts I have a small marine battery that sits in the cuddy and I run wires back to the electric motor. I often take a night cruise even without wind and so in the dark, I use my spot light. The light is also a rechargable power source from Orion Telescopes called the "Dynamo"...
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    Battery For Trolling Motors

    Battery Use and Location First, I have a marine battery in the cubby area with extended wires back to the transum. I keep them clipped to the floor and out of the way while sailing. That heavy battery in the forward area seems to help balance the boat better as well. It stays on the boat...
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    Keith, I concur with the others and am sure it's a topping lift for the boom. I added one myself right after I bought my Capri and it's wonderful to have it stay in place with the sail down. Enjoy, Dean
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    Boat Cover Manufacturers / Recommendations

    Cover for the Capri I just took delivery of a main sail cover from Masthead in Florida. Very nice people to work with and an outstanding quality product. Here's the url to find them: They sure worked well for me. Dean
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    Hiking straps

    Bigsky, I bought a 14.2 a few months ago and the previous owner called me last week to give me hiking straps he bought and never used. I took them, of course, but have no use for them. I am too much of a sedate sailor. Plus, I don't even know how to hook them up - there seem to be 3 in...
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    Picture (Avitar)

    Anyone know how to add a picture to my name here on this site? Dean