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    Wanted - laser trailer ( kitty hawk?)

    Interested in purchasing a trailer for my laser. One that supports it by the gunwales. I've heard that Kitty Hawk trailers support them in this way. Thanks
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    Wanted Laser radial

    I'm interested in purchasing a newer boat with a radial rig for my son. Would prefer a complete package including trailer. Not really interested in putting any work into a boat at this point. Been there, done that. Thanks.
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    yachtflag took my money

    Thanks for the replies. Just want to assure everyone that I did indeed give him more than ample opportunity to respond to my queries regarding the status of the burgees. Many weeks have elapsed since the promised delivery date. I originally went with them because they said that they would...
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    yachtflag took my money

    Just wanted to give everyone here a heads up regarding of Point Richmond CA. I sent him over $200 to make six burgees for a regatta well over a month ago. Took my money and kept promising delivery. Never delivered. won't return calls nor emails. Has a history with BBB. My fault...