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    MASSACHUSETTS Laser Trailex Trailer

    Laser Trailex Trailer UT-250L Laser 1998 Low miles, most recently garage stored Mast carrier kit Spare tire on carrier kit Bearing buddies Eastern Massachusetts
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    Deck/Hull separation repair

    Thanks for the great replies on this. The hull separation is long enough to allow my whole hand to slide between the hull and deck. I am looking at West System 105 resin with a 206 slow hardner. and high density filler. I need to mix enough epoxy to glue the whole 3 foot lenght at once...
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    Deck/Hull separation repair

    I just discovered my old, 1975 Laser hull, has about a 3 foot deck/hull separation. A boat shop did a repair in that area a few years ago and maybe they used a poly resin. My thought is to clean out the area and use epoxy resin with a slow enought setup time to allow someone who doesn't have a...