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    For Sale:  2003 Catalina 14.2 EXPO

    The boat is now sold. Selling my 2003 Catalina 14.2 EXPO sailboat to buy a Catalina 16.5. Stable and easy to sail, it's in like-new condition with a motor mount, a new sail (red/blue/white), a new hatch cover and two royal blue custom covers for the hull and mast/furled sail. Hull, foils...
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    Tiller tamer?

    tiller tamer I double a bungee cord around the forward end of the tiller (secured by the hiking stick) and connect it to the main sail binnacle post. Simple, and it works. --Dave
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    Expo 14.2 Handicap?

    14.2 EXPO handicap Kent-- It appears that handicap is for the sloop-rigged version of the hull, not the EXPO version. Dave in Kansas
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    Long Shaft or Short Shaft?

    short or long shaft motor? my 14.2 EXPO, equipped with factory motor mount, came with a long-shaft Minn-Kota. I sold it and bought a short shaft 30" / 30 lb thrust. Works fine and stays out of the way when sailing. Dave in Kansas
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    Expo 14.2 Handicap?

    D-PN number fpr 14.2 EXPO In October 2010 I asked a manufacturer's rep what the D-PN (Portsmouth Number) is for the Catalina 14.2 EXPO . He said he did not know. I judge it to be 103-105, depending on wind direction. Dave in Kansas
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    Mast step bolt

    securing mast to hull on trailer for travel I have the Catalina 14.2 EXPO with a long mast made of carbon fiber. My sail is transported and stored whlle furled around the mast and covered with a fabric sheath. I secure the mast & sail with bungee cords in two places: forward in the mast crutch...
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    Outboard Motor or Paddle?

    battery mount Could you post 2-3 pix illustrating how you mounted the battery holder?
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    hull drainage

    bilge/hull leak-drainage Thanks for the Teflon tape tip. I replaced the O-ring on the screw-in plug recently because it had split. Dave in Kansas
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    hull drainage

    Reply from Catalina--hull leakage Dave, The centerboard trunk and construction methods for the Expo 14.2 and Capri 14.2 are very similar. Your Expo has an additional connection between the hull and deck forward where the mast / boom step plate fasteners are drilled and tapped into an...
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    hull drainage

    I'm getting between a pint and a quart of water draining from the butt plug of my Catalina EXPO 14.2 as I take the boat up the ramp after sailing. Is that normal / average? Not sure where it's coming from, other than some condensation. But in this cooler weather, that's not a probable source...
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    Lead Block for Centerboard rigging

    centerboard block Go to Annapolis Performance Sailing at They have nearly everything you want. Dave in Kansas
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    Expo mast breakage

    stepping mast Jerry-- I appreciate your insights and I can see how practice improves any situation. However, I do not understand how stepping the mast with the boat in the water enhances control. To me, wave action would mean the opposite. Where are you located? Dave in Kansas
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    Expo mast breakage

    Ways to get the mast through the deck?? Re your comment: "ways to make getting the mast through the deck quite simple." Please say more. Twice I've experienced difficulty getting the mast base centered correctly onto the spindle. Once it was jammed so hopelessly beside the spindle that I...
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    Minn-Kota battery size

    Greetings-- Wondering if I can downsize to a motorcycle or garden tractor battery to power my 30" shaft / 30 lb thrust Minn-Kota. I use the Minn-Kota getting in and out of the cove where I launch. I know it's not as strong as a deep-charge marine battery, but I'm wondering whether a...
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    tongue weight question

    Greetings-- I'm the new owner of a 2003 Catalina EXPO 14.2 on a Load Rite 15' trailer. When I bought the boat and measured the tongue weight at the hitch, it was 120 lbs. I pushed back the crank post / mast crutch, as well as the boat, as far as possible and shifted forward the axle by an...