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    How many C-14.2 do you need to make a fleet?

    We've recently started racing our C14's on Lake Grapevine in N. Texas. the Grapevine Sailing Club requires three boats to qualify as a class and race for points. I think that's a good rule of thumb. The North Texas Capri 14 Fleet has a FaceBook page, so check it out if you're in the North Texas...
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    Video - North Texas Fleet

    David Drury of the North Texas fleet captured this great video on our fleet sail this weekend! Enjoy!!
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    Visit North Texas Fleet Facebook Page

    Hello all, the North Texas fleet launched its Facebook page. Check it out. Like us if you want to stay in touch...and hopefully create a fleet of your own! Here's the link to the Facebook...
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    Tiller too long?

    Is your crew moving to the other side of the boat forward of the Barney post on your tacks/gibes? If you're both behind the Barney post it will be too crowded. Also (forgive me, but I don't know your experience level), are you making the tiller exchange behind your back on your tacks/gibes...
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    Tiller too long?

    Barry, do you have a tiller extender on your tiller?
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    Gathering Fleet Information: Send me your info.

    Bradley, thank you for getting this together! I'd like to nominate our fleet for the Fleet Roster. We have four active members and are adding a fifth. Fleet Name: North Texas Capri 14 Fleet City: Grapevine, TX Fleet Captain: Dave McKenna Contact Number: 214-783-0156 Contact eMail...
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    North Texas Fleet Challenges Mutineers of Lake Grapevine

    The North Texas Fleet challenged the Mutineer 15 fleet based on Lake Grapevine to a class-on-class racing duel this past Sunday. Don Silva, Chief Engineer of the C14 NT Fleet, acted as Prep Crew for the engagement, providing the good-boat Charlabud with a vital last minute spare parts and a good...
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    Have you named your boat?

    "Meant To Be"....that's really great...exactly how I feel too... You guys should post images of your boat names if you's mine...
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    Have you named your boat?

    Steve, yes indeed, I too always defer to the Commodore.
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    Have you named your boat?

    I always wanted a boat and I told my wife that when I got it, she'd be named after her. I bought by C14.2 three years ago and named her wife's high school nick name. I'm looking at buying another C14.2 to help grow the North Texas fleet...I plan to name her Charla Ann! Please...
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    North Texas Fleet Conducts Field Trials of New Capsize Recovery System

    Don Silva of the North Texas fleet has devised an ingenious rig to easily right a knocked-down C14. It spares you from having to clamor up on the centerboard. The system is lashed to the mast and stowed in the gear bag on the cuddy. It provides a couple foot holds and a handle and really pulled...
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    Fleet near Washington Dc

    Hello! I was curious if you've been able to get your fleet off the ground in DC? I certainly hope so as we need to see more active fleets. I've recently gotten three owners together to form the North Texas fleet. A fourth is on the way and I plan to get our class involved in the summer racing...
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    North Texas Fleet – Inaugural Voyage

    The Capri 14 Fleet of North Texas had its first voyage this morning on Lake Grapevine in Tarrant County Texas. We had three boats on our voyage today. It was a beautiful morning with nice easy winds. Perfect for a “getting to know you sail” and getting our sea legs back on after a winter off the...
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    Calling David Dury...come join the North Texas Fleet

    Hey David D...haven't heard from you about joining us in the North Texas Fleet. Drop me a line when you see this. We're planing our first sail on 6-April
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    Fleet Forming Grapevine/Lewisville Texas

    Ok...we have a total of three Capri 14.2 lined up now for our North Texas "fleet". Hoping to get a class status with the Grapevine Sailing Club. If you are in the North Texas area, drop me a line at Also, if you know of any C14.2 for sale in this area let me know. I'll...