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    Sails, parts and spinnaker poles for sale

    Sails, used cover , Newer Gill Harness and 2 spinnaker poles for sale Dave Janson 1722 630 544 9648
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    WANTED: Used 420 / 470 / 505

    Are you still looking for a 470? 1999 Paul Forester 1722 may be for sale in Chicago/ Milwaukee
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    Keeping Centerboard Lowered Downwind

    nice explanation
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    Stair climbing good hiking prep?

    Do several sets of lunges. Slow and deep. Fell the burn
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    Fall Newsletter...Very Nice!!

    Nice post , Always like reading your posts. I'll add an idea or two when i get to my mail.
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    Master Worlds 2006 and later

    fred , don't go anywhere , we need you and all the energy you bring to laser sailing
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    Top Cover Special

    Sumbrella is the way to go. Mine was six years old when I sold it with the boat and it looked like new.
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    used Laser wanted for recreational purpose - Illinois

    1973 laser , ready to sail 700.00 this boat is near O'hare Airport I'll be using this boat on 10-26-02 reply here Dave Janson
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    D20 laser raceing 10-26-02 No Cost www.desplainesyachtc

    I'll be there dave dave
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    D20 laser raceing 10-26-02 No Cost www.desplainesyachtc

    All laser sailors are invite for free laser sailing Lake Opeka Des Plaines Near O'hare Airport. 10-26-02 @ 10am start 9 races expected 12 boats expected The water is warm for directions. 630-775-4942 Dave Janson