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    interior wood works needed .

    I just redid the interior of my J24... Kept the shelf frames, but got new shelves cut from marine plywood. Then I painted and varnished everything. And replaced the nav table and armrest, too. I got plexiglass sliding doors custom cut for the shelves. What do you think?
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    Sink Plumbing

    Wow that was fast! Thanks for the quick responses guys! 1) Ok thanks. I won't worry about that then. 2) Today I put on a second hose clamp because the guy in the chandlery said two hose clamps is usually standard. And I also put a little Life Caulk on the thru-hull before sliding the...
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    Sink Plumbing

    I recently bought a J24 and am re-doing the sink plumbing. Two questions about the sink drain hose and through hull: 1) Is it normal for sea water to back up into the hose (not quite up to sink drain), especially when on port tack? 2) I'm getting leaking somewhere, I think from the fitting of...
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    Cushion Specs

    Did you have any luck on measurements? I'm looking to get some settee and v-berth cushions made too. Thanks.
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    New, unused, J-24 Cushions.

    I'm interested too -- still available?
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    In search of J24 Cushions

    Me too! I'm in California and would appreciate any leads you get, that you don't pursue, of course. I'm looking into cost of having some custom made. I don't know the exact dimensions of settee and v-berth yet, either -- and having trouble finding the dimensions online. Seems like someone...