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    Hi, Merrily!
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    Ahoy! New member just introducing myself. I live on my beautiful, 28' Pearson Triton sailboat in San Diego. Bought her in San Francisco and sailed her down to the warmer waters of Southern California last year.
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    I need some advice?

    Can I ask if you have ever capsized before? If you had a bad experience then that's one thing but, if you've never capsized then it's probably fear of the unknown and then I totally agree with the other sailors = get out there and capsize until it doesn't bother you anymore.
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    Best places to live?

    I have lived on board my boat in both San Diego and San Francisco but I learned to sail in Arizona if you can believe that! In my experience, if you can find a boater and his boat then you will find someone to show you the basics. If you are near a marina then go put up a sign saying you are...