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    Centerboard seal

    you guys have been great.... Again thanks a lot and I hope to get underway soon Joseph Omega 14
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    Centerboard seal

    Thanks again This is a great forum to get info on our Omegas. I hope I can help someone else further on down the road when I get some more experience. I finally got good enough to sail her out of the bay, through the channel, and into the open water before she took on water in the hull and was...
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    Centerboard seal

    Thanks :DThanks for answering....
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    Centerboard seal

    Has anyone replaced thier centerboard seal? Where do I find the part or suitable replacement? Thanks in advance. Joseph Omega 14
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    Starting up a Fleet

    How did you guys get started with the fleets? I'm in Rockport, Texas and may be interested to know how to get it started here. Thanks Joseph
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    new 14.2 Capri owner needs help

    New Guy wondering about the mast. Help. Hey guys my O-14 has a mast on it that doesn't have a thru hole in the lower part. Is that normal with this sized boat? That is that the mast is held down by the weight and the wires and is not thru bolted? Thanks Joseph
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    Spun Yarn: A Balanced Helm - A Heavy Weather Necessity

    new guy I just picked up a Capri O-14 last sunday...the mast looks like it doesn't have any through holes in the bottom, just a cam like piece that looks like it just sits on top of a pin in the mast step. Any One? Hi, I'm the new guy Joseph.