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    WTB Old-style rudder pin

    Horizontal pin with the flipper to keep it in place.
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    WTB Old-style rudder pin

    I'm looking for an old-time style bronze rudder pin for a '69 Sunfish. PM me or email rickhadley at email dot com.
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    Old Style Rudder Pin

    Somewhere over the winter I seem to have lost the rudder pin....guess that will teach me to chain it back on. Anyone know of a source for a replacement?? Rick, Promises Kept Northern MN
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    Naming the boat

    Last summer, when I discovered the 1969 Sunfish I'd learned to sail with, abandoned and left to die, I swore not to let that happen. After restoring her, I christened her "Promises Kept".
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    Would you go out?

    Looks like fine sailing to me.
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    Harbor Freight Sunfish Trailer

    Along that line, has anyone used the Right On trailer that holds the Sunfish on it's dolly? I've been thinking that might be a nice way to go.
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    1959 vs. 1960 Alcort Sailfish Identifier?

    '68 or '69 I say. It looks just like mine and I know mine dates from that era, but I can't determine which year.
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    Sunfish Restoration Tips - things that work

    Thanks for those tips. I'm doing that very same type of restoration on this 1969 Sunfish. Rick Hadley
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    Mainsheet slack?

    I just added a set of those to Promises Kept, and they work very well.
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    Video: Sailing "The Museum Piece"

    That is just plain beautiful!!
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    Back in the game...

    I learned what little I know about sailing on a Sunfish back in the early 70s at my in-laws summer place in northern MN. Had a great time. Back then we had a whole fleet of 'fish that were there at the same time and we'd have races and lots of good times. One of my favorite memories of those...
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    Alcort Sunfish 1959?

    According to this article... the glass Sunfish wasn't introduced until 1960, so yours is an early one indeed. I'm in the process of restoring this '69 that I learned to sail on in the early 70s. Hope your project goes as well as mine has...
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    Favorite Waterfront Restaurants that You Can Sail To?

    My favorite dockside restaurant is The Snook Inn, Marco Island, FL. Great grouper fingers & huge pork tenderloins!,-81.7279051,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x1a1ad590c0874a43?sa=X&ei=Ck-UVZCpM4Tb-QHb0774Dg&ved=0CI8BEPwSMAo
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    Replace bailer ball (Metal Bailer)

    If you're on Facebook, Small Boat Restoration posted a good video detailing the construction of the old style bailer.
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    Slow going

    I'm new to the forum and have enjoyed browsing through your saga. A few weeks ago we were at our family's cabin in northern MN when I noticed the old 1969 Sunfish I learned to sail in 40 years ago, lying under a cedar tree with her hull overgrown with moss and lichens. I made the promise to...