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    WTB Cabin cushions

    I am looking for cushions for a 1979 J24. Anyone have some? Or maybe know someone who can make them? Thanks, Ed
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    What size engine

    Thanks so much for the guidance. From my research there seems to be a big jump in weight to go from 3.5 HP to 4.0 and above so it sounds like a 3.5 might be the way to go. Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Anyone have a trailer in the north east that I can either buy, or even rent? If I can get it out of a yard, I can get a good deal on a J/24 but i need to get it out of the yard it is in.
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    What size engine

    Would you recommend for use on Long Island sound? I am more concerned with having enough power than I am weight for racing. My gut tells me to get more but being new to the boat, I don't know what the appropriate range is in terms of horsepower. Thanks