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    UK Qualifiers Newbie - What to eat/Drink?

    You should aim to take in about 500ml per hour of exertion and try to make your drinks hign in carbs as well. You can make your own by mixing orange juice half and half with water and adding a pinch of salt. Try to get the 750ml bottles - your local bike shop will have them (also a good source...
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    Sailing a Laser when overweight

    At 95kg I'm about 12kg (about 26lbs) overweight for the standard laser. I've picked up some tips over the past few years, especially from Tillman's book, about picking up boat speed but I'd appreciate any other tips from anyone in a similar condition who can keep the boat moving.
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    Clew Sleeve Not Sliding

    The sleeve DOES stick as large numbers of sailors have also found. I'm pretty sure I put mine on properly and my outhaul system is functioning properly yet mine still sticks even after lubricating. I've also found that sometimes I have to pull really hard to tighten the outhaul then the sleeve...
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    Tell Tale Challenges

    I've never actually seen leech telltales on a laser. Does anyone here use them?
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    Going through the gears

    I often see this phrase used - what does it mean for you sailing a Laser?
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    Am I right about this?

    I'm one of your heavier laser sailors at 94kg and 178 tall (I like to think I'm stocky, but fat probably does it). Sailing in a GP event on Saturday on an inland water with very tricky conditions - wind gusting to a f5 then dropping to literally nothing on some areas of the course and some...
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    Boat Names

    Thanks. Actually after a Sunday sailing in 25kts+ it should be 'scuse me while I smack the water' :D
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    Gym exercises

    I have to say, I don't know what the staff are like in the gyms where you are but if they are anything like the UK don't go anywhere near them for anything other than basic fitness advice, and then treat with caution. The minimum uk qualification for fitness/gym instructor (which the vast...
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    What Age Do You Stop At (that is stop sailing Lasers) ?

    I didn't start sailing 5 years ago when I was 46 and I bought my Laser last year. The only time I intend giving up is when I move into something faster! Even then, I'll probably keep a Laser for knocking around in.
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    Masters Europeans and Worlds 2007

    Where are they?
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    Great info on downwind sailing

    If you really want to get on top of downwind sailing, especially in a blow, you have to get the Rooster Downwind DVD. I really couldn't get the hang of sailing by the lee until I saw this. Now all I have to do is learn how to gybe without catching my mainsheet on the transom EVERY BLOODY TIME!!!
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    Australian Wins the Laser Worlds !!

    Yeah well done. Shame about Qindao though.:D
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    Boom retention line

    Stuff the end of the boom under the traveller, just make sure your boom end stopper isn't worn or you'll lose gelcoat.
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    Deck separating from hull

    To my horror discovered today that my deck is beginning to separate from the hull just under the gunwhale about half way up. So far the gap is only about a couple of mm wide and about 5 cm long. What can I do to repair it?
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    How do you rig when it's breezy?

    Attach clew and rig outhaul while the mast and boom assembly are lying flat on the ground, then step the mast and connect everything else up except the mainsheet depending on how much of a lee shore there is.