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    1988 Laser for sail

    sorry leeward not for $300.00
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    1988 Laser for sail

    I've got a 1988 Full Rig Laser that i'm looking to sell because i'm heading off to university this year and i need the $$$. $2300.00 (includes) -The hull (which needs a bit of work around the bow that i will do before selling) -The top and bottom section mast -Boom -All performance upgrades...
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    Hiking Bench 4 Sale

    Hey whats up graybeard I'm interested in your hiking bench is it still for sale??? Crazysailor
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    Downwind technique 20kt

    This is straight from olympic gold medalist ben ainsley so you know this is quality information. 1) Weight as far back in the boat as far as possible to prevent nose-diving 2) Dagger board down 3) basically just hold on. if the boat is planning just head straight for the mark sheet in and...
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    Mast Climbing

    that is probably the worst thing you could ever do. I mean it's bad enough to sit in our boat on land but to climb your mast that is just stupid. if the head instructor thinks otherwise he should be fired!!!
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    Volvo Lasers?

    Have you ever seen a 29er with VOlvo on the side then the letters of a country on the bow. well i've seen a few lasers with that and i wanted to know where i could get one.
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    Volvo Lasers?

    How do you go about getting a Volvo Laser? Crazy Sailor
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    2004 Laser, never sailed, $4700

    I'm very intrested if it's still available. does it come with a trailer? and what conditions was it stored in (example: Humid, cold etc...) please send me thourough pictures my email is . Crazy Sailor
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    2007! Red Vanguard Laser for sale

    Could you please send me Pics my email is does it come with everything lines pro rigging everything.
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    2004 Laser w/ dolly

    I'm Very intrested deos it come with a Dolly Hull Cover Performance upgrade etc. could you include some Pics.
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    Sail Bag

    does any body have a rolled sail bag that they don't want anymore an would be willing to sell it. Crazy Sailor
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    Weight to sail full rig

    Generally i would say 170 lbs for a full rig sailor. i know some one who weighs about 135 who couldn't handle a full rig even in moderate wind. although to be honest he isn't the best sailor.
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    colored practice sails

    where can i get them and how much are they Crazy Sailor
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    Super laser

    Me and a friend have decided to fit a laser with 1) an I14 Spinnaker 2) Trap 3) a rather intrically designed sheet and guy system 4) and wheels so we can just sail it right on to shore. but naturally we don't want to use our own boats so does anybody have any spare parts or at least some...
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    I just deal with it but if you are able too my coach says he semi coils it up and places it at the leeward back end of the cock pit. Crazy Sailor