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    Sunfish Rudder for sale

    I'm interested in your rudder. I'll pay $40 including shipping to zip code 45066.
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    2 Like new Sunfish and Double trailer, Oklahoma

    Do you have any pictures that you can post or send?
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    SOLD: Two Sunfish on Trailer for $1200.

    Re: Two Sunfish on Trailer for $1200. Please send pics of the boats and the trailer. Thanks. Crazy.Jerry@SBCglobal.Net
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    Northeast Winter Blues

    Pirate Kris Kris, That's a great photo. You need to submit it to the Capri photo section so it can get in the rotation. How many "pirates" did you have on board? I don't think I've ever seen a Capri sitting so low in the water. Do you race other Capri 14.2s in Sandusky? I've yet to...
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    Last one...
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    Here are the photos of my aft mast crutch for trailering.
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    Most sailboat trailers have a mast crutch at the bow of the boat. This is where the forward end of the mast lies during trailering. The vertical bar on the trailer that makes up the mast crutch is also where the bow winch is mounted. Unfortunately, my trailer does not have a mast crutch...
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    C-14 Whisker Pole

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a whisker pole for my 1992 Capri 14.2? Also what do the class racing rules say about the use and length of the pole? Crazy Jerry