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    2013 Doyle genoa for sale

    Price reduced $100 off
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    Old style motor mount

    Old style motor mount for sale $25
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    2013 Doyle genoa for sale

    Like new 2013 j24 Doyle genoa for sale only 1300 or BO used for North Americans last year in Newport sail was rolled and in climate controlled storage willing to meet up for possible delivery or you pay for shipping cost great club racing sail or for upcoming nationals
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    J 24 sheets and Misc.

    Interested in the used spin sheets any pics thanks
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    Is there any performance difference between using the old barient winches or upgrading to the harken winches? I see a lot of boats with the harken winches so now i'm very curious
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    J/24 motor mounts

    i was wondering if there was difference between the hall motor mount or the waterline motor mount; im sure there probably the same