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    Cuddy Removal

    That's what I thought. I recently purchased a heat gun. I may try that to soften the adhesive.
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    Cuddy Removal

    So the adhesive is supposed to be there? It is REALLY stuck. to the point where prying too hard will damage the flange on the cuddy
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    Cuddy Removal

    I recently had occaision to remove the top trim piece from my Mod II at the cuddy. I wanted to inspect inside the forepeak but when I tried to remove the cuddy, it was held in with a very strong sealant. Is this normal? or should it just slide out after you remove the screws securing the...
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    Wisker Pole

    Whisker pole I just bought one from Catalina Yachts About $118 and it came with the bracket for the mast. All you have to add is a ring on the clew of the Jib. Pole manufactured my forespar. Don't know if you can purchase direct from them.
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    Whisker pole to Jib Attachment

    What is the easiest way to get the whisker pole attached to the clew of the jib. In the past I have had a ring tied in at the clew by the jib sheets, but that makes it semi permanent and the ring can be a tooth chipper. Is that the only way to form an attachment point?
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    Just bought a 14.2

    Change the shrouds Trust me. If you don't know when the shrouds were last replaced, do it now. You are inspecting the mounting hardware anyway so change the shrouds while you are at it. If you don't, at lease take a hack saw to mast step bracket above each bolt hole. this will permit the...
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    Trim piece needed

    I need the trim piece that sits above the cuddy, just aft of the mast step bracket. Mine is made of fiberglass. Older models used wood.
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    Mast Step Attachment

    Progress report and questions The Dremel was the way to go. Plus a new project is always an excuse for a new tool!. I have a mod 2 (I think - plastic cuddy tunnel with no cover.) The mast step sits on the deck which appears to be plastic over wood. the screws go thru the plastic into the...
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    Mast Step Attachment

    I recently dismasted when a shroud broke. the mast step bracket screws sheared off neatly with no damage to the step. From what I have read here, these are number 10 wood screws. Right? I'm planning to try an ez-out to remove them. Any other ideas?
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    Whisker pole needed

    San Diego or nearby.
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    Racing Sails Wanted

    Prefer some slightly used sails with some good life left in them. San Diego
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    Some pix from season 1

    Backing the Trailer A lttle tip. Hold the steering wheel at the BOTTOM in the center. Then if you want to move trailer left, move hand left. Move hand right to turn trailer right. Try that in an empty parking lot for 10 minutes and you'll be able to put it right where you want to!
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    Racing Sails Wanted

    I would like to buy some used racing sails. Class legal whisker pole too. San Deigo area.
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    Splitting the deck from the hull

    thanks for the reply. Actually I am talking about a C14. What is the best material to use for sealing the deck to the hull/centerboard box?