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    cheap gelcoat spraying

    Dan You're probably right about the 4 cans, I've never used the stuff myself, I was really just trying to point Nick to a supplier. The big assumption here is that there is 16 ounces of sprayable material in the can - I doubt there is that much. I have equipment that ranges from preval sprayers...
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    cheap gelcoat spraying

    I'm confused. You want to use 24 spray cans? Let's do the math. When I buy 5 gallons of gel, the bucket weighs 53 to 55 pounds depending on the color. We'll use the lighter color. 5 gallons liquid = 53 pounds 1 gallon liquid = 10.6 pounds 24 spray cans x 16 liquid ounces = 384 liquid ounces...
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    cheap gelcoat spraying

    Mini-Craft in Wildwood FL sells gel in an aerosol can.
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    How do I prep an old hull for new gelcoat?

    Duratec Hi-Gloss Additive, add 50/50 to gel-kote and spray. Glosses out to a very smooth surface. I spray a lot of gel-kote, so I get a really nice finish when I use it, but even an amature with a pre-val sprayer can get a good finish. At worst you might have to sand with 800 and buff. I get...
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    How do I prep an old hull for new gelcoat?

    Why don't you order some duratec and spray it yourself? Lots cheaper than having a glass shop spray and less finishing work too.
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    Dry Hull by connecting to Laundry Dryer?

    I've used a dehumidifier. After about three days the hull's about as dry as a popcorn fart
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    Repairing a Crack

    Definitely want to fill the gap between the pieces. I've always been fond of resin thickened with milled fiber. Mix it thick like cookie dough and use an empty silicone tube and caulking gun to push it in through a small hole. Pastery bag works good too. Freezer style Ziploc's work good for...
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    sail care

    You can do wonders on very small holes with super-glue type adhesives. I've used a gel type from Duro on many "pinholes" and rubs.
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    New daggerboard

    Starboard probably isn't too heavy, but without some sort of internal stiffening like the plastic boards the flex under load would be a big problem.
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    New Member...Water inside the Hull

    Big piece of plastic, dehumidifier, wrap it all up, dry as a popcorn fart in about four days.
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    Summer Camp sailing

    Where in Alabama? I may be able to arrange a donation of repair material, if you've got somebody to do the work Jeff terra firma is for farmers
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    Gelcoat Restoration

    Hey, Sail Magazine, August 2005, page 18. I've been saying fish are babe magnets for years and nobody believed me. Why don't you wash your boat down with some acetone and see what it looks like without it's wax build-up. You may just need to compound and glaze the boat. You may want to...
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    Hull Repair

    Hey Scott, I've fixed some of that kind of stuff. The hull and the bottom of the cockpit have "cookies" of bonding putty between them, partly for drainage and partly for support. I had keel damage in addition to hull and cockpit damage. I laid-up a patch piece first by using the hull as a...
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    How/Were to buy a new racing sail

    Gee I wish they had books back when I learned to sail. My dad put me in an old junker Opti and pushed me out into the lake and said "Have fun!!!" It didn't take too long to figure out---pull this, push that, go as fast as you dare then push a little more. You wipe out, you pushed/pulled too...
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    How/Were to buy a new racing sail

    What is a "racing boom"? terra firma is for farmers jeff