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    Classic Laser, Raceable, For Sale In Me/deliverable Between Me & Va

    The time as come for me to upgrade to a boat that is less than almost twice my age. I'm ready to pass on my orange hull, #38776, to the next generation of laser sailor. The boat is soft, and not nationally competitive in waves larger than ~1ft or so; however in flat water it's still as fast as...
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    buy/borrow a standard lower section in DC area

    I am a local student in DC and I need a standard section to be able to frostbite. I'm willing to rent a section for the winter and return it as well. please message me if you can help!
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    Laser Fun

    It may have been a laser 3000, 4000, or 5,000 (I don't remember which one is 1-trap asy)
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    Winter Storage

    as long as the hull's dry, the temp change shouldn't do anything.
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    Volvo Lasers?

    Look for any major championship in your area that is using charter boats, or even a boat rental company; for example, Sturgis charters boats, and sells off their charter fleet after a couple of years.
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    Warped Foils

    I had the same issue, heating it worked fine. Clamping two strait boards to the board may not be enough- it springs back a little. I had to stick a wedge in to push it farther than straight.
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    Pink Boat For Merrily!

    Well, I'll see what I can do
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    Ideas for Improving the Top section

    That's such a small point, if it's illegal now, just change it! it's not like we're redesigning the sailing controls or making a new mast, just adding some tape.
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    Pink Boat For Merrily!

    Fly me in from Maine and I'll sail
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    Tips for 420?

    Blocks aren't an option on the mast. I wouldn't necessarily even use a tension gage- make sure the rope part of the jib halyard is something slippery, so you can do a 3:1 or 5:1 purchase with the cleat. Rig settings are so easy with the club version- light air is enough to keep the mast from...
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    Ideas for Improving the Top section

    Re: Top section The boom sleeve isn't a snug fit in the tube- there's about a 16th to an 8th of an inch of clearance. I just added a sleeve this summer, and was a little concerned about the space. The sleeve doesn't even start to help until you're vanged hard. I don't see a sleeve as helping...
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    Ideas for Improving the Top section

    Re: Top section I don't see how lengthening the upper section would help. If the fit is tight, like it should be, adding more length in the mast won't take load off of the point right where the lower mast ends, it would only make the whole joint stiffer (but still just as likely to break). You...
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    Legal to reef sail in race?

    If you don't crank on the cunningham first, the sail will get wrapped up with a deep draft and will be almost as bad as an un-reefed sail. You can wrap once with the batten in, but the batten has to come out for two or more wraps.
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    Wind Shifts Downwind

    Get a wind indicator. Just watch the indicator- as long as your trim and course stay the same, any changes (not from rolling in waves) are shifts.
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    The perfect start

    I don't believe there is such a thing as a perfect start. You can have the best start. All I hope for is speed, on the line, in clear air, in the right direction.