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    J24 part out

    There are usually 1 or 2 of these on the front of the mast. Its where the spinnaker pole clips onto the mast. they are usually riveted on, so the rivets would have to be drilled out to pull it off. If you have a picture of the hatch, let me know. email me Thanks!
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    J 24 Goodies

    How much for Genny sheets?
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    J24 part out

    Im looking for the mast spinnaker ring plate that is riveted onto the mast. Also, what condition is your foredeck hatch? if it is newer, and not yellowed, let me know. Thanks!
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    J-24 Main, Genoa, & Spinnaker For sale

    What kind of genoa is it? how is the condition?
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    J24 sails

    Do you still have the genoa for sale? I am very interested
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    J 24 sheets and Misc.

    Do you have any genoa cars?
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    Parting out my J/24

    Do you have any genoa cars for sale?
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    Pair of Harken Lopez blocks $200 CDN

    What is your email so we can talk? id like to see some pics and make an offer. send me an email.
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    J/24 mast, boom, vang, tiller, rudder HW

    I am interested in the tiller and extension, spinnaker, and genoa. What kind of deal could you make for that? Also, do you have a rudder too by any chance? email me so we can talk about some of these items. I like them all really.
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    Pair of Harken Lopez blocks $200 CDN

    Do you still have these Lopez Blocks for sale? If so, do you have any pictures? Thanks. I am very interested in them.
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    J24 Sails for sale

    Did i miss out on all the sails? I am interested in a jib, genoa, and spinnaker, as racy as possible. thanks.
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    North Genoa Main and Spinnaker

    How much for the Kite and one of the Genoas. Or what are the differences between the 2?