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    Harness and Harness Rigging Question

    Rigging the Trapeze Before the Capri 14.3, Catalina made the Coronado 15 which came from the factory with a trapeze. I don't think they still make the boat, and it's unlikely they have the trapeze parts any more. Check out the C-15 website and direct a question about finding a trapeze...
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    Value of 1975 Capri 14.2

    Value of 1975 Capri If it was manufactured in 1975 by Capri or Catalina, and it's about 14' long, it's an Omega, not a Capri 14.2.
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    WANTED: Used Capri 14.2's

    Thanks for the e-bay tip It looks like the thread is gone, but a big thanks to whoever put up the e-bay tip. It was a newer model C-14 and in very good condition only a few miles away from us. We made a deal and it's now part of the club's armada. We also acquired an 80's vintage C-14 in...
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    WANTED: Used Capri 14.2's

    Westlake Yacht Club is looking to acquire some used Capri 14.2's for our junior and adult sailing programs. Age and appearance are not as important as her basic condition and good value. Boats with missing parts and hardware considered. Please reply with hull number, age, condition and...