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    My 100$ Sunfish find

    Looks great! I am sure that fish will look like new once repairs are made. Awesome find for the price...
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    Double Jet Ski Trailer

    Good afternoon all, I am looking for a double place jet ski trailer. I have looked into using the Harbor Freight or Northern Tool products and converting them, but with living close to the salt water, they will not stand up to repeated use dunking my fish in the ocean. Inquiring about a...
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    New (to me) Fish

    Ok that is REALLY cool. The man I bought this boat from inherited it from an older gentleman that had it before him, from what he believes since brand new. Very cool that the number dates back from the 60's. It does make sense too though... The fish came with 2 sets of masts and spars. The...
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    New (to me) Fish

    I will have to check them out, they surprisingly haven't come up in my searches yet. Like tires or brakes on a car, I figured that making sure I can control my vessel with my lines is equally as important! Thank you John, I appreciate the help... I am sure I will have some questions. Having...
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    New (to me) Fish

    Thank you! I am really looking forward to getting it out on the water... drying her out a bit at the moment. I was curious about the sail number. From what the previous owner told me, he used to sail the boat on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut in a sailing group, so it may have some...
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    New (to me) Fish

    Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment to say hello and also a thank you to all the accessible knowledge available on this site. I finally picked up my own fish (1981 Alcort Sunfish), after wanting one for years after sailing them every day during Boy Scout Summer Camp as a kid. I look...