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    Composite Top Sections

    We did a group buy through West Coast Sailing. Shipped 12 at a time for 25.00 shipping per piece. Worked out great!
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    difficulty in spotting approaching gusts

    I agree it's hard to see the "gust" in this video but the technique is correct. A couple of things to keep in mind when you are learning to respond to gusty conditions. 1. Use all your senses. Feel is just as important as sight because the puff will hit the sail before you see it hit you at the...
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    US Sailing handicap for Laser vs. Laser Radial

    Handicaps as per the Laser Class Association:  Apprentice: add 3 points  Master: add 2 points  Grand Master: add 1 point  Great Grand Master: add 0 points
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    New to lasers

    1. Your tiller needs to run under the aft part of the traveler line. 2. Your traveller line may be to tight. It should have just enough tension so that the blocks run over it (when gybing or tacking) but don't get stuck on your tiller.
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    Sailing without the batons/battens in the sail?

    Lali is correct about not sailing with battens. The leech will vibrate pretty strongly, damaging the sail. You will also feel the vibration though the boat. Better to take the battens out and roll the sail up open the mast. Also at your size you would be happier using a radial rig. I am 5'9" and...
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    Laser #150917 excellent condition

    I am selling my blue boat #150917. This is a lovely solid boat with dark blue hull/gold strip. Boat has had two owners and was kept indoors for the majority of its life. I have owned it two years and sailed just one. It's been in storage since summer 2015. I raced the boat approx 20 times. It is...
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    Announcing the Caribbean Midwinters Regatta, 2015

    Dates: January 15-18, 2014 Sponsored by: The Laser Training Center Location: Cabarete, Domincan Republic Boat: Laser One Design Event website: NOR: Contact: Ari Barshi Laser Training Center...
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    My 2014 Racing Season

    Hi Chris: You should consider getting in contact with Vaughn Harrison and Max St-Maurice at the International Sailing Academy in La Cruz, Mexico. They are both Canadian guys who coach OLympic hopefuls like yourself. Vaughn is probably one of the best coaches around. Go to...
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    Downwind Dos: Tips for sailing faster and smarter on the run

    With the able help of Vaughn Harrison, Head Coach at the International Sailing Academy, I've compiled a variety of simple (and not so simple!) tips to help you increase your awareness of the skills required to be successful on the run. General Skills Sail the headed tack If you were sailing...
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    About sailtrim upwind in shifty conditions Vangsheeting is when you have the vang on tight - more than block to block. When you ease the booms goes out parallel to the water. The problem in gusty conditions is that it is difficult for the average sailor...
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    The Bic is a great choice IF (and it's a big IF) There are other Bic kids to sail with. I coach youth sailors and a big part of their enjoyment in the sport and reason to keep sailing is doing it with their peers. If there are other youth laser sailors around you'd be best to put your kid in a...
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    GO TIME! How to get consistent great starts

    That is most definitely true and I've written a number of posts about that subject. This latest post attempts to give sailors a look at the boat on boat action that affects your start. You can time the line, look for current, or know which side of the line is favored but if you don't have a good...
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    GO TIME! How to get consistent great starts

    The start of a sailboat race with its close-quarters boat handling is probably one of the most exciting moments in any race. But talk about multi-tasking from hell! A successful starter has not only mastered her boat; understanding how to stop and start it with ease, turn on a dime, and maneuver...
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    Mexico Bound: ISA Laser Clinics 2014

    Awesome. To get pricing info you should email Max St-Maurice <>. He'll be able to answer whatever questions you have. Hope to see you there!
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    Mexico Bound: ISA Laser Clinics 2014

    It’s that time of year again when the onset of cold winter blasts bring dreams of heading south for some laser sailing. Living on the east coast my first thought is usually the Caribbean but this year I was attracted to a couple of clinics being run at the International Sailing Academy in...