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    What has to be done ?

    That's exactly what I do. Then make whatever minor adjustment needs to be. ...your buddy from Mission Viejo is clever
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    What has to be done ?

    Like others, I solo a Capri 14.2 (I'd love an Expo too) and never use the jib (just keep it furled). It's just my preference though - to keep things simple. I haven't had any problems tacking with the main only too.
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    My Motor Mount

    Looks perfect. Great job!
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    Just bought a used '85... need manual or rigging pics

    Congratulations on your acquisition! I sail Capri 14.2s that I rent in Crystal Lake (IL). None have motors. We sail from and directly back to the dock. I take a canoe paddle for an emergency but have never used it. Even in very light air, I've managed to creep back. They all have a sort of...
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    Expo rigging ?

    Hi T.W., Whilst I'm familiar with the Cat 14.2, I've only looked at the Expo at the Chicago Sailing show. Did you try Catalina's customer service? Yachts and boats for sale - Catalina Yachts -- I've found them helpful. There's also their Cali and FL phone numbers on that page.
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    Expo 14.2

    Sure will, Don. It was like a triangle that fit at the top of the mast like a cap so I imagine it would work with the Expo's mainsheet setup
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    Expo 14.2 turtling

    In my opinion, I don't think the Expo is more prone to turtling than any other dinghy of its size. I sail Capris that usually have either a buoyancy bag or customized Hobie Cat float at the top of the mast which help a lot. And floating seat pads. Ihe only capsizing experience I had in a...
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    Expo 14.2

    Congratulations on your beautiful Expo. I hope to get one someday. I wonder if something like this could be adjusted? Mast Float for Top of Mainsail In the little fleet of Capri 14.2 boats that I rent, they use a nifty bag that is not inflated but has a foam sleeve. It fits the top of the mast...
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    A new Capri 14.2 owner

    I'll ask the marina manager about the float details next time I'm over there. You're correct in that it's smaller than you think. I always forget it's up there until it's 'needed.'
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    A new Capri 14.2 owner

    That's a fine-looking boat, Tom. The Capris I learned on all had floats at the mast head that looked like Hobie Floats but they were fitted straight up and down like a football on a tee: The Capris I rent now have a float 'pad' at the of the mast...
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    Tips for stepping a 14.2 Expo mast

    This is a clever idea. I'm looking forward to hearing how it works out for you.
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    A new Capri 14.2 owner

    Pixie looks great!
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    Snap shackle of front shroud?

    Aside the convenience, I sure wouldn't like the load on the split ring or pin assembly.
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    A new Capri 14.2 owner

    I collected a few older ones. The UCLA sailing manual is the newest. I'd be happy to email you an '86 and '02.
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    Dingy Wrangling & How Shallow Can You Go?

    Very impressive. Especially with four in the boat too. The shallowest I've dared go (deliberately) is a foot. Of course, I've bumped the board inadvertently a few times. Good thing it kicks up. (the lake - a former quarry - is full of sandy 'hills'.