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    '06 Laser Full, Radial or 4.7 rig

    Good evening, May I apply for the 4,7 Rig (Mast and sails (2)). Please let me know how to pay for them. Thank you
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    Good training sail, vang/cunningham wind indicator

    I would like to know if your products are still available. I would like to buy the sail and the rigging things. Thank you
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    4.7 Laser Mast Lower Section and Sail

    Thanks for the sail picture. I will wait for the lower mast section picture. C. Salas
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    4.7 Laser Mast Lower Section and Sail

    Good morning. Interested in your Laser parts and 4,7 sail. Please email me at: for pictures. Thanks, C. Salas
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    Please let me have the prices on: - Daggerboards (the two on the right in the five daggerboards photo). - Sunfish bailer - Longest tller extension on the over the laser photo - Laser Rudder Thank you, Carlos
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    Sunfish Rudders and Tillers

    Thanks for the offerings One question, Do you need the tiller straps in case you buy the aluminum tiller? Please let me have the price combining the aluminum tiller with the grp complete rudder. Thank you. Carlos
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    Sunfish Aluminum Tiller New

    I will like to have your most recent price. Thank you. Carlos
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    Bowers Campaign Hyde Sails for Sale $300 each

    I´m really interested in your sails for me. Please let me know if you still have them. Thank you, Carlos Salas J., CNP
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    Laser Sails

    I would use Paypal. Please let me know your email.
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    Laser Sails

    Zipcode is 33166
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    Laser Sails

    Dear sir, Can I proceed with the payment for the used Standard Sail please?
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    Laser Sails

    Hello, Have you selled your sails already?