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    Why do racers have their sails so low?

    Gah! You tie the halyard to the upper spar in a different spot.
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    How do you flip a Sunfish that has capsized?

    The other week I was out and a sudden squall popped up. Went from 10-15 to 20-25 with some gusts up to 30. I went over and couldn't right. Well, I righted once and it went right back over (it was the end of a race and I didn't put it into the wind because I thought I could maybe do this quickly...
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    Really need help getting back into boat

    I'm not sure if someone has already said this, or if you've already tried it, but I always have to grab the opposite inside lip of the cockpit when I'm boarding. I'm short (almost 5'3) and cannot reach the opposite side, but I can grab the cockpit and pull myself in that way. Also, I have no...
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    Mast stuck in mast tube

    Go sailing with the halyard cleated to the mast, but forget to cleat it to the deck. Capsize. ;)
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    Who is right?

    Cockpit storage means 72 or newer I believe. I can't make out the serial number very well.
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    Docking tips

    Praddle for the win! I don't think I could be more enthusiastic about the praddle if I had invented it myself. You can steer with the tiller while you paddle!
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    Docking tips

    Well this is probably obvious, but step the mast before you launch the boat if you can. I've only had to step the mast on the water a couple of times, and never at the dock, but it's not a ton of fun. I have the mast stepped and the halyard looped around my mast cleat so I don't lose it, and a...
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    Thinking a Sunfish: Looking to get back into sailing

    Sounds great! I would say shop around a little for a used boat because sometimes you can find amazing deals (newish boat with trailer and dolly and extras for a thousand or two less than new). I don't think I would ever buy a brand new boat just because I would end up crying at every scratch...
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    2015 North American Championship in Texas!!!

    Woohoo! I'm in Houston but will definitely make the trip to watch if not to race.
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    Need innovative ideas for racing

    Could you set a short course and use like bright orange Tide bottles or something as marks? You would still need line and anchor to hold them in place but I would think you could fit one or two in the cockpit and sail to set them. Would still take time but you wouldn't need the cmt boat.
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    More than one boat??

    I race a Catalina 22 and I think it's just about the perfect boat. The owner dry sails it--stores it on a trailer mast up in a boat yard with the rest of the fleet. I agree that you should look at what active fleets there are in your area, for lots of reasons (resale parts, help, racing). There...
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    Sunfish for Christmas

    I do recommend an oar, specifically the praddle: Very easy to use. It's one handed so you can use the tiller at the same time. The other ideas here are great. I would say start with the praddle and gloves, then a block and nicer lines, then a tiller...
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    New Style Rudder. What makes it better?

    I think some of the reason people recommend the new style is that if something breaks it's easier to get replacement parts for the new one. By old here I mean pre 72 (I believe).
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    First post; need help picking out car to tow Sunfish

    The guys I sail with make fun of me for pulling my Sunfish with a full size truck (this is Texas). I drive a Honda Fit, and would tow with it, but I'm still paying for it and it would void the warranty. I will say that I cannot see any part of the boat or trailer when I'm pulling it with the...
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    2nd Sail day woes...

    My understanding is that the daggerboard is essential for righting the boat. A lot of people (myself included) rig a bungee or something to keep that sucker in. I have about 6 (?) feet of bungee type cord tied to the board and then I clip it around the mast. Then the daggerboard sticks out...