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    Cold weather cometh--drysuit?

    Not trying to revive the old to drysuit or not to drysuit question...I've already made up my mind but, with frostbiting season knocking on the door I was thinking about a new drysuit this year. Lo and behold APS has a killer deal on them right now. $349 for a Gill breathable is most excellent...
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    New RYA Laser Handbook

    Just a quick heads up, I just got a copy of this book and it is...AWESOME. It's far and away the most complete and up to date Laser book out there. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. RYA Laser Handbook at APS...
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    Wind Indicator Float

    Re: Wind Indaicator Float Simple answer...try a C-Vane!
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    Washing New Mainsheet

    Tie it up in a pillow case and run it on a cold cycle in your washing machine (add no soap)...much easier.
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    Teflon Mast Step Pads

    APS describes them and has them all at the bottom of this page...
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    Laser Equipment In New York

    Thanks very much for recommending APS. However, as per dealer agreements with Vanguard, licensed US Laser® dealers are only permitted to sell official Laser® parts to end users within Vanguard's licensed area. APS' policy is to not ship Laser® parts outside of that area (ie abroad/overseas) or...
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    new laser aproved blades

    FYI: Vanguard notified us shortly after hitting the press with the catalog that delivery of these would be delayed. Original indications were such that we'd see them in early May. Last we heard was that they're now looking at "mid to late summer '07".
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    Where should I buy new Laser Parts?

    Another plug for APS. They always do me right. http://[URL=""][/URL]
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    DVD of crossing the Bass Strait

    That sounds awesome. Where can I get a copy? CMP
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    Zhik Hikers

    I've always sworn by Aigles since my first pair of Gills imploded after being put through the rigors of everyday collegiate sailing but these Zhik boots are sweeet! I opted for the Soft Grip 200s. They are similar to the Gill Dinghy/Trap boots but offer more support (more rubber on the front...
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    Zhik Hikers

    I know these have been discussed here before but I just got my 3/4s from APS (they're shipment just arrived). They look sweet. I've seen the older ones and these look miles ahead. Now I've got the full Zhik system of boots, strap, and hikers. Haven't gotten to use the hikers yet though...