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    176060 for Sale

    13361125lease send pics to if you still have the boat.
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    2007 Worlds boats for sale?Where?

    I think this is who has a few of them. Moorehouse Sailmakers, Medford, NJ Tel: 609-518-0100
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    Sail trim / Worlds Regatta

    old geezer........ Nice reply and thank you for not being stuffy and telling it like it is. Anymore info is always welcome!!!!!!
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    Sail trim / Worlds Regatta

    Thats the type of info that Im looking for.... It doesn't decrease the power of the sail, ut just the leverage of being higher up. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the info coming.
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    Sail trim / Worlds Regatta

    I understand what a Jens Rig is. If you have read any of my previous posts, you will know that I need to know how things work. Just dropping th esail lower decreases the sail power?? If so, why whould we not raise it drastically in light conditions?? Just thoughts I have. There is a lot to read...
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    Sail trim / Worlds Regatta

    Living only 50 miles +/- from the Sunfish Worlds Regatta,my regional newspaper has had some nice coverage of the event. I noticed that in one picture, the gaff of the sail was not raised to the top of the mast. I looked through other pictures (from different angles)and noticed the same things on...
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    sail adjustments and results

    I have read as much as I could find on the settings for adjusting your sail in regards to height( usually just below the 10th sail clip) and gooseneck adjustments(average of 19 inches from front of boom). What I was hoping to find would be what happens when you move the sail foward or aft on the...
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    surf launching

    I have seen a guy ride th ewaves with a laser, and it looked cool, but when he wiped-out it bent mast, booms, and anything else that could be broken...... I have seen the same with a hobie, but not as bad on the wreckage.....
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    The next step?

    I have a capri 14.2 for sale in Southern New Jersey
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    Age Advice

    Im 200 pounds and I saili a sunfish. In light air its faster if you weigh less. In heavier winds 15+ knots its good to be a little fat, compared to 76 pounds.
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    Luff tension & Adjustments

    made a few adjustments and sailed again today. Loosened up the outhaul a smidge(about1"-1-1/2") loosened up on the luff a bit too. about 1 inch max. it seemes to make a difference, but hard to judge sailing by myself..... thanks all who have input I appreciate it. How about the gooseneck...
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    Luff tension & Adjustments

    who has the better sail adjustments??
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    Luff Tension

    Which boat has the correct Luff tension outhaul tension etc. I really need to know cause this kid walked past me in light winds. I hope it because he is half my weight.
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    87 14.2 for sale Southern NJ

    Yes, I still have it...... 1900 firm
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    87 14.2 for sale Southern NJ

    1987 Catalina capri 14.2 for sale...... Hull is in excellent shape. Clean with shine to fiberglass. New "FX Sails" Jib with hanks(sailed three times) Existing Main sail in very good conditon and clean New Jib and Main Sheets New Rudder,Tiller and Hiking stick (from catalina yachts) New...