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    Extrasport/ Lotus PFD

    looking for an extraport stiletto or a lotus design lifejacket for sale. Willing to buy a used one.
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    Laser lines and parts for sale...

    The entire set is cut individually,it can be made to your preferences.
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    Laser Parts for Sale Whole Sale Prices

    I have all kinds of laser lines for sale. All unused and on Spools All Lengths Available Mainsheet. NE Ropes Salsa 7mm FSE Robline Dinghy Sheet Pro 6mm NE Ropes Buzz 6mm 40 ft. Paraloc Piranha 4mm great Alternative to Regular Double Braids never kinks or twists. 10 14ft Pieces of FSE Dinghy...
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    Full rig Vrs Radial

    any more than 12- 15 the radial is just as fast or faster and ALOT easier to manage upwind but downwind it is just as unstable but the radial is alot slower...
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    Cold Weather gear for small, chilly female

    if you are looking for an another alternative to the drysuit I would look at the Zhik superwarm serier honestly it is better than most suring and SUP wetsuits.....also it is a bit pricey ...but you have alot more mobility than wearing drysuit.
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    Laser Radial Sails $100-500 and Lower Master Section $200 UTAH

    interested in the I sails practice me at
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    Best Lifejacket?

    I have sailed on the junior laser crcuit all over the country and the world......I have been checked for a USCG life jacket mabe 4 times since I stopped sailing optis....The coast guard pulled me over twice and never questioned my pfd.
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    Best Lifejacket?

    Sail Equipment Australia made by laser sailors for laser sailors
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    Cold Weather gear for small, chilly female

    i sail for my highschool in the fall and spring....i enjoy having a good salopette and spray top with wicking layers below. When drysuits are required I have a Gill pro drysuit and I wear the same wicking layers below that.
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    Winter Collegiate Sailing Gear?!

    Buy a good set of Salopettes (and the matching spraytops if you want) and you might have to buy a drysuit. My school requires them for fall and spring sailing. The Salopettes and Hooded spraytop combined with some sort of dry sock is the best combo and is the most cost effictive.
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    Laser lines and parts for sale...

    Full laser line package for Laser standard or radial.For boats that are actively raced.This is for boats with the new vang, outhaul, and cunningham. FREE SPLICING on traveller Cunningham and outhaul. FREE SHIPPING within the US. High quality US made ropes. $82 for Standard/Radial $90 for 4.7...
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    Hello I'm new w questions

    I mean starting off in a laser is a big step for a first time sailor........Having sailed on tahoe, it can get quite windy. Your best bet is to spend some money and go down to a local club or sailing center and get some formal sailing lessons, and slowly work your way up to a laser. Yes the boat...
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    What Dinghy would be best for me for Racing?

    Do alot of people race i420s around you? because the laser 2 is a dying class the i420 is a blast in all conditions it just takes a good bit i experience to sail well....
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    What Dinghy would be best for me for Racing?

    Jumping from Picos to a radial is a big jump I would suggest trying a laser 4.7 and also buy a radial rig for those light air days. I weigh 132lbs(61kg) and still race 4.7s competitively at the internatinal level.Also the pico is a more depowered boat and even I cant hold a laser radial down...