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    Club Racing

    i forgot to mention, i'm in the top 5 of my club fleet, and i do have some trouble finding competition at times but we've got some new laser guys and they're pushing me like crazy! however, before the laser, i was sailing the byte which is a much more responsive and unstable than the laser, so...
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    Club Racing

    you have to make sure that you're sailing into/against the current so you're course is pretty straight while you're going downwind, especially when the current is strong. this keeps your distance to the next mark at a minimum so you're not sailing a huge curve which gives people your lead. while...
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    My New Tiller Extension...

    to get the joint on the shaft, you might consider drilling a small hole in the rubber of the joint, coating the shaft end, and the inside of the hole with epoxy and stuffing it all together. i did this when i was sailing the byte and it held up very well, without any problems!
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    Practicing Alone

    Light Wind Sailing with the rudder up, this teaches boat handling and weight placement, eventually helping you to depend less on the rudder. Roll Tacks and Roll gybes rocking your boat from the bow with the rudder up all the way back to shore medium wind getting the boat to plane and...
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    info: Laser Line length

    i've been asking a lot on this forum and i thought i'd contribute, i've just changed the lines on my laser, and for newbies, and those who are changing their lines, here we are, these are the lengths I use, and of course would vary according to how your boat is set up. my boat has a holt...
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    Dagger Board Rising

    okay! i shall do that, the boat's into its 3rd season with me and was resealed before i bought it... here's a silly question, should i let the silicon "skin" before i take the boat out sailing or should i just reseal after sailing so its got time to cure?
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    How well do the Intensity covers hold up?

    i've got a north sails deck cover, i'm in my 3rd season and it seems to be doing a fine job! its just getting faded now.. that's all...
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    Stupid Laser tricks

    i'll have to try this one when the wind stabilises... we've been having a mixture of almost windless days and last week it blew a solid 18 knots from literally 10am-5pm =) did you fall off the boat doing this trick??
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    Dagger Board Rising

    hello everyone, i've got this problem... having moved the plate forward, assuming there is a silicon seal, would this have to be re-done?
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    Hiking Bench

    i would like to suggest a reason here. Everytime you're on the water and you go over a wave, your muscles in your legs relax and allow more blood to flow to your legs, but on a hiking bench there arent any waves so your muscles are contracted all the time, as there is no uneven-ness on the...
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    rounding up in strong winds

    sometimes the wind is strong enough to do this, but lots of movement around the cockpit will help you with boat balance. however, in super super strong wind, sometimes you cant get far back enough... and the bow still sometimes nosedives... have fun in the heavy air =D its great fun!
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    Bailer - hull turbulence?

    what you might consider doing is heating the bailer lightly and then bending it slightly to conform to the contour of the hull, which is what some of the guys at the sailing club were doing when repairing the bailers of their boats which belong to the junior college [like highschool] that they...
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    What's the best value?

    hi Rob, i thanks for the info!! however, a regatta boat here costs about 8.5k at least... thats what the ones from the asia pacific went at, and i suspect the ones from the beijing games are going at that price too... if i do head off to university in the US, i'll keep that in mind,...
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    What's the best value?

    if its any comfort i did that in an optimist... the dagger board in that boat is REALLY LONG!
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    What's the best value?

    i bought my boat pre owned, first by a local junior college [high school] that used it just for races, so it cant have been on the water more than 40 days, and bought it off my training partner who had just bought himself a championship boat. it was good value but the daggerboard housing needed...