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    Self Bailer O-Rings

    Rule 13 was modified to allow them:- "The builder supplied o-rings may be substituted with non builder-supplied alternatives provided the basic function of the bailer is unchanged."
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    Installing an autobailer

    When you install the plug in the hull do not put sealant between the plug and the hull. The problem is that, if you do, the plug can just spin in the hull. Just push the plug in to the drilled hole in the hull and then put a generous layer of silicone over the top of the plug/hull interface.
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    New Laser daggerboard brake

    I have checked with Jean-Luc Michon and he agrees that rule 26 (a) under REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE can be interpreted as allowing this. The key sentence (partial) is:- "Repairs to fixings may be carried out without violation of these rules provided such repairs are made in such a way that the...
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    New Laser daggerboard brake

    Hi Sailingmania The screws for the brake do not screw in to a wooden plate or a tapping plate. The combined thickness of the deck moulding, bonding paste and the flange for the centreboard case moulding provide an adequate thread engagement for the screws. Drill a tapping size right through...
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    New Laser daggerboard brake

    Laser Performance inform us that they are aware of a very low incidence of the holes being too far aft on older boats. Their advice is to move the pad forward and re drill. The old holes would of course need to be sealed.
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    Is spool shackle legal on Cunningham

    Hi Zoophyte, Check the break load of your clips. If you can pull with say 30Kgf then the load in the sister clip would be 5 times 30Kg which is 150Kgf. The break load of a Ronstan RF536 Sister clip is 70 Kg - not enough! You may be using a different clip though. Clive
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    Is spool shackle legal on Cunningham

    Rule 3 a vi Says :- When an “Optional” block, or shock cord is attached to a fitting, line, mast, boom or the sail, it may be attached either with or without a shackle, clips, balls, hooks and/or a tie line. So I would say yes. :) Clive
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    Harken clew sleeve !!!

    Re: Harken clew sleve !!! I have found mine to be reliable as long as you rig it exactly as recommended. Do nothing to inhibit the rotation of the hook on the clevis pin. Keep the sliding surface of the boom clean from lubricant build up, salt, sand etc. Lubricate with a wet (say silicon oil)...
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    Blue blocks or grey/gray blocks?

    My understanding is that the mid to late 2009 timing is still correct. As far as the pin idea is concerned I believe there was a concern that if they were easily detachable it would be easy for them to "go missing". The intent with the design is that the frequency of needing them replacing...
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    Downhaul Blocks

    Depends what ratio you want. The 10:1 you can get from using 2, 407,s or 2, 227's (one attached to the primary line and the other to the vang fitting) means a fair amount of line in the boat to get tangled but the benefit is that the operating loads are lower and you can get a bit more...
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    Adding sail tape strip on

    This is an interesting case so both Alan Downes and myself referred this to Jean-Luc Michon for an opinion. We have just received a reply from him. Essentially he is saying:- 1. Stripes added to the sail to help the sailor see the shape of the sail are not legal and break the fundamental...
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    Goosenecks and shackles

    Re: Goosenecks and schackles Hi Al, The relevant rule is 3 (f) Outhaul v last sentence - (The gooseneck may be inverted). There are many ways to rig the outhaul, using these holes either in the upper or lower location is just an option. Many people also use a tie line around the mast in the...
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    Goosenecks and shackles

    Re: Goosenecks and schackles Deimos is correct. See the March edition of Laser World (Tracy has given the links in a separate post), Rule Changes and item 2 which reads :- Rule 3(f) Outhaul Modify rule 3(f)(v) to add the following sentence: The blocks in this rule may also be attached to the...
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    How long should a tiller be.........

    I reckon a length that corresponds to the back wall of the cockpit is about right, with the extension universal bolted as far forward on that length as possible.
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    New idea for mainsheet!

    Read rule 3 b ii "Control lines (which includes the mainsheet) shall be of uniform thickness and shall not be tapered"