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    Radial lower mast; class legal

    Colie Sails has new Radial Bottom Sections and EVENT Radial Bottom Sections ($50 discount) in stock!
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    NEW JERSEY 2006 Laser Radial For Sale - $4200

    2006 Laser Radial for sale - Boat is in great condition, not used the last 5 years - Dark Blue stripe on side - Colie Top Cover - Colie Bottom Cover - Colie Blade Bag - Colie Sausage Bag w/tube (Rolled Sail Bag) - Seitech Dolly - 3 sails (2 practice, 1 race) - Colie MOJO rigging + original...
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    Race-Ready Laser Wanted

    Colie Sails has TWO event boats from the US Junior Champs. Only the hulls and spars were used. Comes with new sail, new blades, new lines, new battens, new stock tiller/ext (can be upgraded to carbon), Colie Top Cover, Dynamic Dolly. $6699. Great deal. Call 732-892-4344 for more details.
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    Way, Way back ordered equipment???

    No problem. Colie Sails has them in stock and offers free sail numbers and installation. But I wouldn't wait long as no one seems to have these sails!
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    Way, Way back ordered equipment???

    Colie Sails has plenty of MK2 and Radial sails in stock. Laser Sails — ColieSails
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    Laser Blades

    Colie Sails has new daggerboards and rudders! Colie Sails Pro Shop: Laser Sailboat Parts and Accessories — ColieSails
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    1997 Laser from Olympic Campaigner Available

    Peter Hurley's 1997 Laser is available! USA 159951 (palindrome #) Comes with: Hull Full Rig Spars 3 Full Rig Sails Blades Blade Bag Top Cover Bottom Cover Dolly All rigging This boat is the perfect boat to get you started. You won't need anything else to get started. Peter took incredibly...
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    2015 Laser Worlds Event Boat Available

    Colie Sails (located in New Jersey) still has a few 2015 Laser Worlds Event Boats left. These boats were used just for the Open Worlds last summer. They come complete with: Hull (used at Worlds) Spars (used at Worlds) Blades (used at Worlds) Sail (Brand New) Stock Tiller/ext (Brand New) Line...
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    Looking for radial sail & bottom section

    I have a Radial sail that was used just 5 days at the College/HS singlehanded Nationals last fall. Still in really good shape and this is a great sail at a discount to a new sail. Let me know if interested.
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    Laser Holt Allen Vang for Sale

    Unfortunately this is sold. I have a few new holt allen vangs I could sell you.
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    Laser Holt Allen Vang for Sale

    I have a used Holt-Allen Vang System for sale. The vang is complete, but does not come with any lines. Though used, this vang is in great condition and is a less expensive way to get a vang for your Laser. Retail price for a new vang is $265. This one is only $125. Let me know if interested.
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    Laser Rudder (complete) for sale

    I have a Laser Rudder for sale. It is complete with rudder head. It is one of the older, foam rudders, but still very good. The rudder has been used, but is in great shape. New rudders are $475 retails, so this one is only $225 (less than half price). Let me know if interested.
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    Harken vang Wanted

    Hi Max- Not sure if you're still looking, but I have a slightly used Harken vang assembly available at Colie Sails. No lines, but all the components. Retails is almost $300. I'll sell you this one for $200 including shipping. Call the shop if you're interested. 732-892-4344
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    Acme carbon tiller

    Colie Sails has the black diamond tiller: