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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Hi Caerus, If you are an aggressive sailor and have a tendency to capsize, I would not recommend the gas powered motor. A submerged motor is not a good thing, and if the gas vent is not screwed in all the way, gas will leak out into the water. The extra weight should make the boat more...
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    So how do you like the motor? Frostgfx, you promised us some pictures, and how do you like that honda? Federalist, the price seems about right, and i like the fact that it starts in netural and shifts into gear. I hate that initial forward thrust that occurs when I start mine. Chris
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    Repair Advice, Tips, References

    It is time for me to give my old capri some TLC, and it just ocurred to me that I have no idea how what to do or how to do it. I am a pretty good DIYer but have no clue what to do when it comes to maintaining my boat. So I am starting this thread to collect advice from fellow owners: could you...
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    Plugging the Drain Holes

    One way to plug those holes is to do what I do: wrap a piece of PVC pipe with duct tape and stick it in the holes. This cheaply does the trick. I've never tried to intentionally make our capri sit low, but sometimes I sail in cool temperatures and water in the cabin freezes my feet and...
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    Georgia members? Alabama? Carolinas?

    Georgia Members Hi fellow Southeasterners, My name is Chris. My wife Christina, our dog Clifford, and I live in Mableton GA, just adjacent to Smyrna/Vinings. We usually schlep our boat up 575 to the northern part of Lake Allatoona to visit the Cherokee County boat ramp or the...
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    Parts, Fixes and Woooo Hoooo!!!!

    Parts and Fixes I'm not sure if they will have exactly what you are looking for, but I have found layline and ahoycaptain very reasonable and a joy to deal with. Good luck! Chris
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    Jib Furling

    DragonFly Hey I'm in GA too, and I also have a very old first Gen, #179! My wife and I usually take ours to northern allatoona (by cherokee county) or carters lake. Maybe we should look at getting Georgia contingent together for a fun sail/cookout? Chris
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    Motor mount

    KingofCary, A lot of us have discussed this issue, you should check out this very long thread of discussion: You CAN clamp the outboard onto the transom, but I think you will discover that it gets in the way of the the traveller, blocks...
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Some thoughts from cjdavia Hi Gabe, here are some of my thoughts -- I also sent you my cell phone number in a separate note, so feel free to call me if you would like to talk to me in person. I am not sure what year your 14.2 is, but I was told by a capri technician that most of the 14.2s...
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Outboard Motor Oil Thanks senormechanico, Yup, once I drained some of the excess oil and replaced the gummed up spark plug, my honda outboard worked fine... no thanks to my dealer. A few weeks ago, I started her up after a long winter and it worked on the first pull. Yipee...
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    Motor Mounts

    Still need help? Hi WildBrian, Are you still looking for some advice or help with your motor mount? I had good luck reinforcing my first-gen 14.2 with plywood and then mounting the Garelick 71075 motor mount. Check out the pictures on #26 after clicking here If I can help, please...
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    Boomkicker Installation

    Sorry Chris Reyher Hi Chris, I think it has been a year since you asked me a question about the boomkicker. Sorry for the tardy reply, for some reason my email account has not kept me informed of the latest goings-on with this site. How is your boom kicker, did the installation go ok...
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    Roller Furling

    Roller Furler Hi Drake, How did the Harkin furler work out for you? Did you need to replace the forestay cabling? Would you recommend it to someone else? Thanks! Chris
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    I think so.... Thanks for asking! The dealer told me that they did nothing to my motor, but I noticed oil stains on the cavitation plate under the oil drain plug which leads me to believe they did drain out some excess oil. I've only had the chance to use the motor once, but I had no...
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Hmmm Craig, Thanks for the input and what a bummer about your computer. I tried to wait for you but I was dying to get into this project. Bushings that run through the fiberglass, but are bound by both pieces of plywood sound like very a good idea. I was also toying with the idea of...