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    Vanguard Laser Sailboat w/ MOJO Upgrades Full Rig NY

    A few pictures of the boat and rigging. It is a 1999.
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    Vanguard Laser Sailboat w/ MOJO Upgrades Full Rig NY

    Selling a nice Vanguard Laser Sailboat in Suffern, NY. The boat comes with the upgraded MOJO racing rigging and a full-rig sail. The hull is dry and stiff and the gel coat is very nice. The full rig sail is in great condition and still has the crisp feel. The blades, spars, and lines are in very...
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    Sunfish Fiberglass Daggerboard For Sale (Class Approved)

    Selling a newer style Sunfish fiberglass dagger board. The board is in perfect condition and has no cracks or chips. Genuine Sunfish Class approved. Sunfish Dealers sell these boards for 357.00. Selling for 200 + 20.00 for shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. See pictures below or...
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    Colie Bottom and Top Covers for Sale

    COLLIE Bottom and Top Covers for Sale I still have the top and bottom covers. Price reduced to 110 for the top cover and 130 for the bottom cover. Both are in great shape. Email for more pictures.
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    Colie Bottom and Top Covers for Sale

    I have 2 Colie Laser covers for sail. The top cover is in very good condition.The fabric is in very good shape. Has 1 very small hole about 3/10 cm. Does not effect the integrity of the cover. 120 +15 shipping. The bottom cover has only been used for 2 seasons. Really nice cover. In excellent...
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    Black Diamond ACME Tiller and FATSO Jr Extension

    Sold last week....Thanks to all who responded.
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    Black Diamond ACME Tiller and FATSO Jr Extension

    Black Diamond ACME Tiller and FATSO Jr Extension. Both in excellent condition. These really enable you to stay connected with the boat. Widely regarded as the best. 160.00 and 5.00 shipping. 110 for the tiller and 50 for the extension. Email for pictures.
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    Sunfish Sailboat for Sale (New Sail)

    I have a really nice Sunfish for sale. The boat comes with a new sail that has never been used. Lines are new as well. The boat is from the mid 1970s but you would never be able to guess. It looks new! The hull is in great condition and has a nice shine to it. The rudder and dagger are perfect...
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    2000 Vanguard Sunfish and Trailer

    Selling a 2000 Vanguard Sunfish. I purchased this Sunfish from the origional owner who only used the boat a handful of times. The boat comes complete with a new sail, all rigging, rudder, and dagger board. The boat is in great shape and looks as good as a 2010. It has lived in the garage for...
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    1994 Laser Sailboat and Trailer (Lightly Used)

    I’m selling my 1994 Laser Sailboat. Has been lightly used. Only raced for 2 seasons in the late 1990s. I am the second owner and for most of my ownership the Laser has been in the loft of my parent’s garage. It has the standard rigging. The sail and blades are in excellent condition. I used the...