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    For Sale: 1986 14.2

    new number 260-228-0498 let me know and i can arrange it.
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    For Sale:  1986 14.2

    FOR SALE NE INDIANA. 1986 Capri 14.2 with trailer. rigging in 08. $1000.00 Ken 260-228-1145
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    I'm in the warren area(south of ft. wayne) and usually sail at salomonie. the sails are fair to...

    I'm in the warren area(south of ft. wayne) and usually sail at salomonie. the sails are fair to good. it has the furling jib but isn't being utilized right now. over all the rudder and c.b. are in very good condition, I regelcoated them in 09. the hull is in good condition there has been some...
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    For Sale in Northern Indiana

    1986 Capri 14.2. New standing and running rigging in 08. Boomkicker and motor mount with 30 lb. trolling motor. Overall good condition with trailer. 1000.00 obo.
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    new bee question

    big enough? I sail my 14.2 with my two young daughters(7&13) and an Australian Shephard. The dog loves to go out and just he and I go when the kids are in school. I try to keep the girls active on board so they don't get bored. My youngest mans the tiller, I run the mainsheet and tiller assist...
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    centerboard and rudder finish

    I was wondering if anyone has refinished their rudder and centerboard? Mine has bare spots on the bottom edges. Should I be concerned about this, or should I just sail it. Is this a gel-coat finish?
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    Replacement shrouds from Catalina

    shrouds and whining This is the number for Catalina (818) 884-7700. Unless they have recently changed, they have rather antiquated process in place for ordering parts. You call the number and get the part numbers for the parts you need. Then you call back or Fax the numbers to them and then...
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    Replacement shrouds from Catalina

    replacement shrouds I bought new shrouds from Catalina last year. I haven't installed them yet. They do come with the upper tang and are vinyl coated all the way up. There is no cut-out area for the spreader. I also bought the forestay. Make sure you specify if you have the roller furling jib.