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  • I'm in the warren area(south of ft. wayne) and usually sail at salomonie. the sails are fair to good. it has the furling jib but isn't being utilized right now. over all the rudder and c.b. are in very good condition, I regelcoated them in 09. the hull is in good condition there has been some repair to the port bow section. I think originally it was docked and probably suffered some dock rash or damage to that area. I have two daughters 9&15 and they don't appreciate sailing like I do. Usually when we go out we also take the dog, an Australian Shephard. I take the dog out when the girls are in school. He loves to go and is a better sailor than they are. I really love that boat but I just don't use it much. As the girls get older they are getting busier every year, and I have less time to go out. This last summer we went out once just a few weeks ago and I haven't been out singlehanded yet this summer.
    I also have a 22' trailer sailor that I am fixing up and this will be easier with the girls, this will eliminate them from being compulsory sailors.
    Where do you usually sail? Looks like your in the lake country. I always wanted to take the capri and sail some of the lakes up there.
    Syracuse, IN

    Where are you?
    How are the sails?
    Furling jib?
    Rudder condition?
    Centerboard condition?
    Overall hull condition?
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