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    long tiller extension

    Right in the middle of a tack, you will probably have let out an arm's length of sheet or so, which gives you a smidge more room and you can just poke the end of the tiller extension through the upper "corner" where the mainsheet meets the boom. Does anyone else think that the guy in the...
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    Tiller wedge orientation

    Ahhh.. sorry, too late; I could have measured the wall thickness while it was apart but now I've riveted it back together so don't have access to the end of the tube. And, thanks for the help, those of you who posted the answer.
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    Tiller wedge orientation

    The rivet holding the plastic wedge onto the end of my (stock aluminum) tiller broke; I brought the tiller and the wedge home to re-rivet them, and now I see that the wedge is asymmetrical and without the boat I can't tell which end is up. None of the pictures I could find on the web were...
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    Boston Regatta Nov 9

    Our 3rd annual "Pre-Freeze" regatta and BBQ will be held on Sunday, November 9th, at the Cottage Park YC, near Logan Airport. 1st gun is at 1:00 PM. All are welcome. This is informal short-course racing at its best: a convenient venue, a welcoming crowd, and a good fleet. Just show up with...
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    Keeping rudder blade fully down

    I don't have a carbon tiller but I do have a carbon tiller extension -- just a piece of carbon tube that I bought surplus, and epoxied a universal joint fitting into one end. I'm not nearly good enough that it makes a difference, but one thing I noticed is that the carbon extension is light...
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    New Standard Laser Sail Design

    I would guess that it's not "constant and restless demands for a decent product" that have motivated the builders, but something altogether different. Can we get a round of applause for the invisible hand?
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    New mainsheet blocks?

    Fair enuff. But I still don't see the need for a custom, laser-$pecific part.
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    New mainsheet blocks?

    I strongly oppose and will vote against the gratuitous introduction of custom parts. How about: "Boom end block, lower aft mainsheet block, and traveler block may be single blocks of any size and design, with or without snaps, swivels, and other fittings, provided that when all slack is...
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    Guidelines for Winter Sailing - wind and temp limits

    Our club (Boston, MA) applies the "20/20" rule -- if it's blowing harder than 20 knots, or the temperature is below 20 Fahrenheit, we don't go. We adjust a bit for other conditions: if it's sunny and the waves are small, we'll push a bit colder; if it's snowing hard and the waves are big...
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    Ideas for Improving the Top section

    Thank you for taking the time to post that. It's interesting, and the whole business is a lot more subtle than it may look upon first inspection.
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    TLF Terms of Service

    Uhh... for my part, I don't believe adding 4 words to a title is a big offense at all, and I certainly haven't asked anybody for an apology. I do, on the other hand, think that the tone that Merrily and Bradley are setting has, as of late, become ... well ... for lack of a more delicate...
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    TLF Terms of Service

    Re: TLF Terms of Service/Titles While this is good all around advice, an alternative approach on the moderators' part might just be to sweat it a little less, and thereby alienate your subscribers a little less.
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    TLF Terms of Service

    Actually, it was I who quoted the ToS, not Dwight. I just can't imagine what point you're trying to make or what objective you're trying to accomplish, by what to me seems like increasingly bizarre petty controlling behavior. Do you honestly think you're improving the experience of using...
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    TLF Terms of Service

    Here they are, cut and pasted from the FAQ: Welcome to The Laser Sailboat Forum, please read over the following rules/guidelines: 1. The Laser Forum (henceforth, TLF) will not edit a post for any reason other than spam, illegal content or privacy concerns. For this reason, messages on this...
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    Was the sailcloth actually rejected by the Victoria's Secret supplier because it was

    Re: Was the sailcloth actually rejected by the Victoria's Secret supplier because it Let's say we (they?) switch to a sail that has nearly identical performance characteristics to the current version, but costs less and lasts longer. The Intensity sail may be such a sail; we don't really know...