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    Trailering Sunfish

    I have a Right On trailer with the dolly and it is a great trailer, so their version without the dolly feature is probably good too. However, I believe it may be pricey compared to other non-dolly trailers.
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    Gluing a foam block

    Is the stuff black? If so I just used some to repair a hole in a shed roof. The stuff is crazy-sticky. It would probably be good for the foam blocks. Just wear gloves and a shirt you don’t care about. Once that stuff gets on you you can’t get it off!!
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    Best kind of cockpit trim?

    In theory, the vinyl cockpit trim is great - but it is difficult to get it to stay adhered to the cockpit lip - glues just don't like to stick to the vinyl. I used to have a 1983 Sunfish with the metal trim, and a few rivets came loose. Instead of riveting it back on, I removed the rivets and...
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    Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class

    Hi, I was until August the head of the advisory council. LaLi is right - World Sailing has to approve the changes mentioned above. I think that will happen at their conference in Mexico right now, but they may come back with questions or proposed rewording - you never know. And yes, the class...
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    Fixing leaky mast

    . A racquetball weighs 1.4 ounces so I am not concerned about the weight.
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    Fixing leaky mast

    You don't need to capsize for your mast to take on a lot of water. As water washes over the deck and its gets into the mast step, the pounding action of the hull in chop seems to drive water into the mast. At the worlds this year, most of the fleet had the dealer running the charters drill...
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    Ran across ancient Sailfish sail and wooden spars for sale

    I was looking for something else on Craigslist, and found this Sailfish Sail & Parts The sail looks great, so I assume the wood spars are not heavily used. The mast is part aluminum and part wood. It is amazing what old stuff is still kicking around!
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    Fixing leaky mast

    Hi, I have successfully sealed one up and it has worked well for a few years. I took off the caps on both ends. I then took racquetballs, and using a liberal amount of silicone, glued one into each end of the mast, then put the caps back on. No water after several years of use. The reason I...
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    An unusual wooden Sunfish - thoughts on it?

    Hi, I belong to Brant Beach YC in New Jersey, and the club just was gifted a wooden Sunfish that was no longer wanted by its owner. It sounds like it may not have been in the water since the '60s. Anyway, it has two unusual features for a Sunfish - First, it has a centerboard instead of a...
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    Sunfish 2017 Worlds

    Hi, the class doesn't know the plan, although Laser Performance had Paul Jon Patin test two U.K.- built Sunfish this summer, so they seem to be investigating the idea.
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    Sunfish 2017 Worlds

    The tillers are aluminum as they have been for the past few years. The straps were riveted on with aluminum rivets instead of stainless so they tore out and caused tons of breakdowns.
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    Barrington Regionals

    Or shoot me an email at c hr is 1 wil liams 2 at yah o o dot com and I can connect you with one or two folks who may have a spare racing Sunfish they can bring. Leave out all the spaces in that email address btw!!
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    2008 Laser with Full and Radial Rigs - now with pictures!

    I have owned this boat since late 2014 and I have only sailed it 4 days, so it is going up for sale. I bought the top section new when I bought the boat, so it has only four days on it. One radial sail is unused, with a second used radial sail included (it looks to be fairly well-used, but I...
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    What Wood To Make A Rudder Out Of?

    These pictures show where to drill holes to make the stock blade much more vertical. This would have been a possible route to a more vertical rudder instead of coming up with a totally new blade. The red arrows point to the existing holes in a normal blade, whereas the blue holes point to the...