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    They're Baaaaaack

    This is how the movers wrapped my Sunfish for the ride in the moving truck from San Francisco to Philadelphia!
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    Looking to join an active Sunfish fleet in retirement - where would you move?

    I was actually sitting with Lee Parks of SSS when I wrote the above. It sounds like SSS Sunfish Racing is mostly women but it is worth double checking. Rehoboth Bay Sailing in Delaware has a small Sunfish fleet that is active too. No Aeros tho. I was also sitting with Nancy Jaywork of...
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    Looking to join an active Sunfish fleet in retirement - where would you move?

    Two active Sunfish fleets in Florida are Davis Island YC in Tampa and Melbourne YC in Melbourne, FL. Neither have Aeros. Wequaquet doesn’t race any longer except for the big regatta. Massapoag YC in Massachusetts has Sunfish and Aeros.
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    Video: Sailing Between California Fronts

    I think I mentioned this, but you need to do the Dinghy Delta Ditch run. One of the most fun things I have done sailing. 2019 Dinghy Delta Ditch Regatta : Lake Washington Sailing Club
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    Video: Sailing Between California Fronts

    Wish this had been going on when I lived in SF. I had a Sunfish and a Laser.
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    Racing sail life?

    Both the picture posted by Tag and this one are good references. This picture is of former Sunfish NA Champion Doug Kaukeinen, so you can be pretty sure he has the telltales in useful locations. Looks like he is sailing on his home waters of Irondequoit Bay, NY.
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    Questions about the Amflite

    How did you get back in after flipping? Looks like no rails or hiking strap to grab on to. Picture 521 For Windflite By Alcort - ShortyPen Sailboat Guide
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    Racing sail life?

    I have been racing with the racing sail since it came out in 1990 or so. Alan is correct, and the way you can tell what he is talking about is sailing against others and they are pointing higher or going faster vs you than they used to. That said, a good sailor can do better with an old sail...
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    Questions about the Amflite

    Hi Alan, wasn’t the AMFlite also sold as the Windflite? Can’t recall which came first. I think this was the classic marketing plan of offering similar products at different prices to get more sales. For instance, back in the 60s Chevy sold the Biscayne, Bel Aire, Impala and Caprice. All the...
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    Adding cleat on mast for halyard

    Yes you can, yes it does, and yes you do! This is how I have mine rigged. The first line I put in is the jens halyard. I wish I could tell you its diameter but I don't know it. It just barely holds. Either a slightly thicker halyard or shimming the cleat away from the mast would probably...
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    LaserPerformance Sunfish Parts: Poor Consistency

    I sailed at the Brant Beach Worlds two years ago and these are the endcaps that were on those boats. They worked fine, but is seems like a real nuisance to have different caps on the top and bottom spars. Dealers need to keep more inventory and you have to know which cap to order. Fortunately...
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    Mast cleat without drilling holes

    I pop riveted my cleat to a sturdy aluminum strip that was longer than the cleat. Then I hose-clamped the strip to the mast. I won’t be home until next week but when I am I can take a picture of it.
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    Soon to be mine?

    I had a 1983 in that color scheme that weighed 121, and a friend’s weighed 119. That is back when I was a serious racer and paid attention to these things so I am sure about those weights. My 1983 is being raced by someone else these days. I should weigh it. It’s had some leaks and repairs so...
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    2019 Sunfish Worlds

    California Dude said - There is no way LP would throw money away and make Sunfish in UK. This is that simple. LP ordered boats from China with GB in serial number, and some think that it stands for Great Britain. Hey California Dude - are you Les? If so, I have moved back east - Glad I got...
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    2019 Sunfish vs older ones?

    Here are some recent model used ones, all pre-China, for sale you could look at. Also I know the Dinghy Shop folks well. I’m not sure what they mean by the boats are now self bailing. They have been since 1955! It is the cockpit that bails, not the hull, which should be dry in the first...