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    2017 Laser Atlantic Coast Championship

    Come surf some waves in Wrightsville Beach , N.C Laser ACC's May 5-7, 2017 Carolina Yacht Club - 2017 Laser ACC's Laser Charter Boats
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    Laser ACC's

    Courtesy of Jon Deutsch. Thanks Jon.
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    Laser ACC's

    Around 95 boats sailed four races today. The weather was picture perfect. Check the results here.
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    Laser ACC's

    90 boats registered. Seabreeze in the forecast.
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    Laser ACC's

    Reminder. Late fees for Laser ACC's at Wrightsville Beach, NC start after April 22nd. So save $25 dollars by signing up early. Right at 50 boats signed up currently.
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    Laser ACC's

    YO Laser Sailors Registration is up and running for the Atlantic Coast Championships. April 30th, May 1st Check out the website: Chip and Arland
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    2011 championships

    NOR for Laser ACC's at Wrightsville Beach is up. Here's the link:
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    Laser sailing in Topsail Sound area?

    Our open regatta at CYC at Wrightsville Beach is 8/7,8. Have almost 40 lasers signed up so far. There are some reasonably wide areas of sound behind topsail - so would say yes to sailing there. Inlet to ocean is tricky and full of shoals. Not sure about launching though. That is a long...
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    Lightning While Sailing

    Was at above mentioned regatta this weekend as well. Never been in so much lightning in an unprotected area. From what I read yesterday you dont want to be in the water. Some recommend turtling the boat and lying prostrate on top of the turtled hull. On the other hand one source stated that...
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    D12 District Opening Event in SC

    I'm listed 4th right now. Don't think its by who is going to win. Looks like a great turnout to start the D12 season. Nacho
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    The Official US Masters Thread

    More pictures here.
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    The Official US Masters Thread

    For pictures and results click here. Check out the aerial shots.
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    Light Ari Rules at US masters

    Sea Breeze finally came in today for 2 great races. Results : Pictures:
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    Laser Masters US Nationals

    “Are you at least 35? Have a beer gut/butt? Tired of 20 something rock stars getting the trophies? Havent’ seen the gym since Jan. 2nd? We have a regatta for you. Put that weight to work in the Atlantic Ocean. US Laser Masters Nationals May 18-20. 3 days of ocean racing at...
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    D12: April 22, 2007

    Here are the full results. Also posted on D12 website. Some spelling errors. Had to scan them in from paper.