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    How do you tie your jibsheet?

    great way of attaching sheets, but anybody have an idea if they cant fit the sheet through the grommet when its doubled over?
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    How do you tie your jibsheet?

    so, that is the knot I used on FJ's in college, but my omega jib has an unusually small grommet so I cant fit two widths of sheet through... I have been having the same issue as the OP
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    Slot seal strips for swing keel

    as for the centerboard seal, I just couldn't justify the 40 bucks for the new seal and only use the seal part... so instead went to my local home depot(magical place full of wonder and useful items) and spent 5 bucks on a 1'X5' sheet of shower liner(rubbery plastic) and sliced a couple inch and...
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    Buying Advice

    i just picked up a 73' omega 14, in pretty good shape for $800 bucks, and its treating me pretty well so far, been out in it a few times now and loving it. I sailed FJ's in college but never single handed before and the omega is set up pretty well for it(first voyage was single hand and once...