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    Dimension of this part...

    Mine's slightly different: 25.5 mm (with calipers) for both. -- Ed
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    Traveler issues

    There are two factors that I am aware of to get the boom nearest the fairlead. The first is the traveler tension as you have said; if it isn't fairly tight the block just won't stay to the outside. Associated with this, you must make sure that the triangle made by the traveler line is very...
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    Laser rental in Mission Bay?

    Add just to add: I used to own a Capri 14.2 and solo-sailed most of the time. The ones the Catamaran rents have a fixed keel and are rigged with a furling jib, so they are even easy to solo. Go for it! -- Ed
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    Laser rental in Mission Bay?

    Give UCSD's Mission Bay Aquatic Center a try. They'll give you a checkout lesson after which you can rent their lasers. Their boats are fairly old, but still fun to sail on Mission Bay. The other place to be aware of is the Catamaran Resort and Spa at the north end of Mission Bay. They rent...
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    Newbie questions - please be kind

    The quick pin with the ring is not hollow; however the button pins are. I have used button pins on both attachments on the vang with success (so far!). I have tried the droop pin (Rooster I think) and have broken the droop part on a high wind tack. Made it back to the dock since the pin itself...
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    What year was this boat made?

    M81E means "model" year (the M) is 1981. The boat was manufactured in December (the E) of '81.
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    England South Coast Sailing Suggestions Wanted

    My wife and I are planning a 3 week holiday that will include 7 days (starting 27 June 2017) on the South coast of England. We probably will have our base in Lymington, but will certainly visit areas between Weymouth and Chichester. Any thoughts as to Laser rentals and/or other small boats that...
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    Laser Tiller

    It is beginning to sound like your rudder head itself is the culprit. Is there any way for you to borrow another rudder head to verify if the problem still exists? -- Ed
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    NOB Life Jackets

    I also use the Zhik Racing Buoyancy Aid. It is very comfortable, provides enough buoyancy so that my hat doesn't usually get wet in a capsize, and makes it pretty easy to clear the boom during tacking. The one-buckle adjustment means that you really need to be careful to buy the correct size and...
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    Laser Tiller

    Perhaps a picture or two? Has the clam cleat been replaced with a non-class one?
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    Hiking Pants - Yes or No?

    Oh, I forgot ... I've always had problems with the hiking strap digging into my shins. If it is warm, then pants aren't my first choice -- I love the shorts I mentioned above. I found a solution for those scratched up shins: I bought a pair of used dive booties, made by ScubaPro I think -- the...
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    Hiking Pants - Yes or No?

    I found out the hard way that the kind of pants that have hiking pads that insert into pockets can really give you a sore butt literally. I have some made by Gill that I love, but they grab the deck, so that the pads begin to slide back and forth across some very sensitive areas. My other pants...
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    Making repairs to gunwale

    Thanks LaLi, I thought not but didn't want to say. However, consider using double stick tape??? Just don't use 3M's 5200!
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    Making repairs to gunwale

    For the scuffs, I recommend Collinite Fiberglass Boat Cleaner #920. Amazon sells a 16 oz bottle for $15. Also, consider a plastic bow rail guard and/or a vinylac rub rail like these from APS. -- Ed
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    Storing Laser Upright

    I know -- garages aren't usually tall enough. For my own Laser, I store it hanging (above my truck). I built my own "hoist" so that I can raise and lower the boat by myself. It is pretty similar to the Harken Hoister, but made with better blocks and lines. It still didn't cost me that much to...