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    Deck Plate with cleats for sale (used)

    Laser deck plate with cleats -used but in very good condition. Laser performance part number LP91314. $50 plus shipping.
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    Replacement Wheels for Jotag Dolly

    One of the black plastic wheels on my Jotag dolly exploded, so I need a new wheel, but the old wheel had a hub depth of 2 1/4 inches. All the replacement wheels have a much deeper hub, which won't fit on my axle. Axle seems to be pressed into a rectangular aluminum piece about 4 inches long...
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    Sunfish Racing Sail/Spars/Complete Booms and Mast

    A price would be helpful.
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    Three Loop Bridle - $10

    Sunfish three loop bridle in good condition - $10 plus postage.
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    Factory Wooden Daggerboard for sale

    Go to this link to see what the daggerboard looks like Charlie
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    Factory Wooden Daggerboard for sale

    I have a like new factory wooden daggerboard for sale. New price from Vanguard-Sunfish factory is $193. Buy mine for only $100 plus shipping. Charlie Cushing